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The saying knowledge is power is so true! However, knowing how and when to apply that knowledge is even more powerful. Check out a few of these hair terms that you can become familiar with. These may come in handy when salon owners, hair stylists, and even barbers come into your shop.


Industry Terms

Hair Strands: Each hair strand is made up of the medulla (inner region), cortex (second layer for strength), and cuticle(outer layer). The cuticle has overlapping layers to strengthen and protect the hair strand.

This is a term used by hair professionals all the time. It means the hair’s ability to soak in moisture. For example, someone with highly porous hair has holes on the cuticle layer of each strand. It means the hair can absorb more water and moisturizing products, well. Some people’s hair becomes more porous from using heat or chemicals. However, some people have naturally porous hair.

Hair density concerns the amount of hair on someone’s head. When it’s easier to see someone’s scalp, that person may have lower hair density. Lower-density hair could benefit from lightweight sprays and hair milk. However, if someone has a lot of hair that looks very thick and it’s harder to see their scalp, they may have high hair density. High-density hair could benefit from creams to add luster.

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