Introducing Hot Tools® Tourmaline Tools SuperLite Turbo IONIC® Dryer

Say goodbye to heavyweight hair dryers and hello to Hot Tools® SuperLight Dryer with Tourmaline!

This SuperLite Hot Tools® dryer not only dries hair fast, but weighing only 10 ounces, is quite possibly the lightest weight dryer on the market. With this true light
dryer, you can quickly style hair from wet to dry without the strain and effort that leaves your arm aching and fatigued while styling. Don’t be fooled by how light weight this dryer is, it has the full features a salon stylist needs along with the addition of Tourmaline and IONIC® Technologies.

Need a refresher course on the awesomeness of having an Ionic® Dryer with Tourmaline? Remember that ordinary non-ionic hair dryers produce a storm of static electricity all around your hair. Only ionic hair dryers can neutralize that storm by producing millions of negative ions to target that destructive static, using friendly ions to attack the built-up static electricity, removing its damaging charge so it is less harmful to your hair. This SuperLite Dryer is further enhanced with a Tourmaline semi-precious Gemstone® complex, which transforms heat into a soothing, gentle flow of nourishing air. Consider it a hydrating spa treatment for your hair! This combination of Tourmaline and Ionic® Technologies also enables your hair to dry up to 50 percent faster than non-ionic dryers by breaking down water molecules into smaller, easier to evaporate droplets which helps reduce the amount of heat exposure to your hair, resulting in an incredibly shiny, soft, frizz-free finish.

HT7030D_40617 - CopyWith all the benefits mentioned above and lightweight, too, this dryer is a must-have in your lineup of hair styling appliances.

At Hot Tools®, we pride ourselves on giving you quality tools that help you achieve the look you need, while ensuring you have healthy, vibrant hair. Hot Tools® appliances are the gold standard for professional hair stylists and empower customers to get professional results from the comfort of their home. Through innovation in materials, technical features and ergonomically advanced designs, Hot Tools® hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons and hair setters help stylists and the home user be at their creative best—delivering beautiful, long-lasting styles, rede­signed to reduce heat styling damage while enhancing moisture and shine. Hot Tools® products are coveted by stylists who demand excellence in all kinds of high pressure styling environments including film, photo shoots and backstage styling and runway shows.


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Terri has been part of the Professional Beauty Industry since 1984, as a stylist and salon owner. She also has worked in full service distribution, on-line beauty, trade shows and now VP of Marketing for Hot Tools. She leads a team of dedicated people devoted to bring the best styling products to stylists and consumers globally.

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