Introducing NEW Wahl 1919 by Wahl Professional

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21st Century Men’s Grooming – Hair, Beard and Skincare Line for Professionals

Sterling, IL (June 1, 2019) – Creating high performance, versatile grooming products that help men look their best has compelled Wahl Professional to launch its new Wahl 1919 product line. With the introduction of 11 products that include hair care, hair styling, beard care and skin care, the 100-year-old company has created a fresh line of products barbers and stylists can use and sell to improve the level of style and service they offer their customers. The products will launch to professionals at the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event and will soon be available for purchase at Professionals will be able to become authorized Wahl 1919 resellers through


“Wahl Professional took considerable care in developing a men’s grooming line that all professionals can embrace. These are products that deliver on the Wahl promise of 100 years of excellence,” says Anne Marie Kollias, Wahl Professional’s U.S. Director of Sales and Marketing. “The Wahl 1919 grooming line gives barbers and stylists the ability to use Wahl Professional’s quality products on their clients from start to finish.”

Why Wahl 1919?

Developed by Wahl’s in-house team of experts in men’s modern grooming, the Wahl 1919 line delivers three key benefits barbers and stylists want:

  1. Expertly developed and formulated.

The Wahl 1919 products are high performance and healthy formulations for hair and skin. Each hair care, shave and skin product contains the ideal formulation of ingredients such as willow bark, white oak, pomegranate extract, peppermint oil or aloe vera – each designed for hair strength and health.

  1. Tubes, not pucks!

Packaging has been designed to deliver ideal product quality, hygiene and performance from the first use to the last. No digging fingers into pucks and transferring hair fragments from one customer to another. Tubes make grabbing and dispensing products fast and easy.

  1. Helping the Next Generation of Barbers.

Purchasing Wahl 1919 supports Wahl Professional’s Fade It Forward barber school scholarship program, designed to help students in underserved areas create careers that can help them and their communities thrive.

How Wahl 1919 Was Developed

Wahl 1919 was created in collaboration with our industry-leading Wahl Education and Artistic Team (WEAT) of professionals. We looked to them for advice when creating high performing formulations in unique packaging,” says Wahl 1919 Product Manager and Co-Creator, Allan Vodicka. “For example, WEAT member Kristi Faulkner suggested the No-Sting Foam aftershave should be a foam instead of a liquid. This keeps product in the barbers’ hands and not running through their fingers and down the drain. And WEAT member Juan Ramos saw real value in a Cleansing Shampoo that gently but thoroughly cleans product from the hair.  He hated it when he could feel product residue in a client’s hair after shampooing. We worked on that formulation until he was satisfied that it struck the right balance,” says Vodicka.

Wahl 1919 launches with 11 products (13 SKUs including a 1-liter shampoo for back bars and an introductory sample kit) available in the U.S. and will roll out shortly to markets around the globe in which Wahl Professional operates. The best part is that clients who appreciate their look and want to finish it at home can do so by purchasing Wahl 1919 products from their barber or stylist, or online at

Wahl 1919 products help create looks that are ready to be shared. Barbers and clients are encouraged to share their experience with Wahl Professional ( on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


Wahl 1919 Product Overview

  • Introductory Full-Sized Sample Kit. Wahl Professional has created an introductory kit consisting of one of each product in its full size at a discounted price for all hair styling professionals.  It comes with its own point of sale materials that provide a useful space for stocking the product line in the future.  A $92 price is a $184 value.
  • Firm Hold Gel.  A strong hold and high shine that doesn’t flake throughout the day.  Put it in your hair and look great all day. MSRP $15.
  • Pomade.  A great medium hold pomade that feels silky smooth while keeping your look together. MSRP $19.
  • Fiber Paste.  The Fiber Paste adds a matte texture to hair and builds volume while providing flexibility thanks to natural beeswax. MSRP $19.
  • Matte Control Cream.  Adds a matte finish and light hold when styling long hair while allowing it flexibility.  Grow your hair out and still be in control. MSRP $19.
  • Thickening Styling Cream.  Fantastic for longer hair looking for soft styling, thicker texture and frizz-free definition.  Keep that natural look looking good. MSRP $19.
  • 3-in-1 Hair and Body Wash delivers a silky-smooth one-step daily wash leaving hair cleaned and conditioned. MSRP 8 oz. $15 and 33.8 oz. $38.
  • Cleansing Shampoo.  Peppermint-infused Cleansing Shampoo cleans hair by gently, yet effectively, removing hair care product residue and delivering a stimulating and invigorating sensation to the hair and scalp. MSRP 8 oz. $15 and 33.8 oz. $38.
  • Shave Cream. Soothing, slick formula provides for a smooth and close shave that leaves skin feeling fresh.  Light, fluffy and slick! MSRP $15.
  • No-Sting Foam.  A wonderful, calming aftershave, skin lotion, and face tonic ideal for sensitive skin.  Great for summer usage for a light and easy calm. The foam stays in your hands not runs through your fingers. MSRP $14.
  • Aftershave Moisturizer.  For particularly sensitive skin or cold winter mornings it provides a layer of calming protection without that greasy feel. MSRP $15.
  • The Beard Balm tames and softens beards, nourishing the skin underneath while adding moisture and stability.  MSRP $19.

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