Investing in Your Skin

You can make a huge difference in the beautification of your skin with a little time and these expert tips


With so many new and innovative skincare products and treatments on the market, today’s consumer has more access to great skin over the counter than ever. Learning the basics of skincare can seem overwhelming, but is really important in the long-run. Think of all the time or money we invest in material goods, such as a purse or car, that can be replaced once worn down. Your skin is the first thing you and others see about you, but cannot be replaced when it’s not properly maintained so it’s worth investing your time and necessary funds to take better care of your skin. I will share one of my favorite quotes: “cheap skincare isn’t life-changing and life-changing skincare isn’t cheap.” Make sure that your minimal skincare routine includes a great cleanser, serum and moisturizer with protective sunscreen.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and, often, is the mirror to your positive or negative lifestyle habits. Oxidative stress and inflammation in your skin and body comes from stress, sugar, pollution, medications, smoking and much more. It can result in acne, large pores, uneven skin tone and of course premature signs of aging. I always stress the importance of healthy lifestyle to my clients because it can make or break not just the appearance of your skin but your overall health. I also highly recommend a diet rich in antioxidants and daily use of natural antioxidants; the Urban Skin Rx offers Eventone Support Supplements which are an all-natural powerful antioxidant compound of L-Glutathione and Vitamin C to help to fight off oxidative stress in the body that contribute to the appearance of uneven skin tone, dark marks and aging skin. I also recommend taking a daily probiotic, Turmeric and fish oil.

It’s important for consumers to use an effective cleanser as the second step in taking care of their skin. It always baffles me that so many consumers say that they wash their face with water alone. When I hear this, I think to myself—and occasionally out loud—would you wash your underarms with water and consider them clean? The skin on your face meets more bacteria and dirt than almost any other part of your body so it is beyond necessary to adequately cleanse the face. Many cleansers now incorporate effective skin cleansing active ingredients, such as salicylic acid for oily acne prone skin or kojic acid for uneven skin tone, which offer exfoliating properties that can take the place of a physical scrub. Clean is great, but overdoing it can cause more harm than good. Consumers like the idea of thoroughness from a physical scrub that contains rough beads, but I do not recommend using them daily. Instead, consumers should limit their use to 1-3 times a week. They may also find that proper use of an effective cleanser or daily treatment serum, often using a harsh scrub is not necessary at all. Lastly, remember to cleanse your skin at least twice a day. If you wear makeup, you will need to cleanse your face once at night to remove the makeup and a second time to actually cleanse the skin.

For everyone’s basic skincare routine, the use of a daily cleanser followed by a moisturizer with a sunscreen is a must. If you want to take more of a corrective and preventative approach to caring for your skin, you will need a treatment serum like Urban Skin Rx’s Super C Brightening Serum. A serum is traditionally delivered via a watery liquid, gel, thin cream or even pads soaked in active ingredients that should address your skin type and concerns. Depending on your skin concern, choose from a treatment serum with active ingredients that fades discoloration and firms the skin, such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), kojic acid, and hyaluronic acid. This is the perfect combination for a woman in her mid 20’s and over who is battling uneven skin tone and initial signs of aging. For acne-prone skin, look for ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acid and arnica. This combination of active ingredients kills acne causing bacteria, exfoliates clogged pores, and calms redness and inflammation.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important for every woman and man to use a daily moisturizer with SPF 25 or higher to protect their skin. Using a daily sun protection is the most important preventative action you can do for you skin daily and, yes, all skin tones need to wear an SPF 365 days a year. UVA and UVB rays are present year-round, even in some indoor lighting, and it breaks down collagen that leads to premature signs of aging, larger pores, and uneven skin tone. A moisturizer with sunblock should always be the last step in your morning regimen, unless you wear makeup then it is the last step before applying your makeup.

In a nutshell, live a healthy lifestyle, take daily supplements, use an effective cleanser, serum, and moisturizer with sunblock, and your skin will be flawless and age at a slower rate.

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