Is it Wrong to Envy the Master®?

If you look up the word “envy” in the dictionary you will find the definition is “the feeling of wanting to have what someone else has” whether that be physical traits, objects, etc. This article will translate this idea to the world of clippers. In this case, the “someone else” is “something else”…the Andis Master®, the go-to clipper for generations of barbers. The Master is prized for its high-speed cutting performance, adjustable blade and durability. The closest clipper to the Master in the Andis line is the Envy™ clipper and you could argue it’s trying to be like its older brother, possessing many of the same qualities.

In a side-by-side comparison, the two clippers have a lot in common: magnetic motors, high cutting speed, adjustable blades from size 000 to 1, and they are both made in USA. The difference lies in the overall durability and of course the price. The aluminum construction of the Master is tough to beat and it was designed to outlast the average clipper-cutter’s career. On the other hand, the Envy, with its polymer housing, is a more affordable way for someone to get into clipper cutting and still have a quality tool with many of the same traits of the Master.

In my opinion, the Andis Master has owned the title of being the best clipper ever made. However, the Envy is now making its mark as the next best adjustable blade magnetic motor clipper. Its addition to the Andis line several years ago set a new standard for affordable, high-quality clippers. Since it comes from the same family tree as the Master, it’s no surprise that the Envy’s performance rivals every adjustable blade clipper on the market. This tool is designed to be balanced and feel lighter and more comfortable in your hand, making the Envy easy to control for beginners, but also making it a good choice for all-day salon use by professionals. Replacement blades are also easy to find. When a customer knows that replacement blades will be available down the road when they need them, it also gives them more confidence and satisfaction with their purchase.

In the end I have to say that the Envy clipper—the little brother that “envies” its big brother, the Master—really shouldn’t. It’s a clipper that can hold its own.

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