Jinny Corp. 1st Annual Sales Meeting

Inaugural event welcomed valued industry vendors to Hollywood, Fla. for a weekend of relationship building and successful sales planning with the Jinny Corp. team.

Jinny Beauty Supply held their first annual sales meeting June 10-12 in Hollywood, Florida at the beautiful Diplomat Resort and Spa. In attendance were 45 key vendor partners, Sales Managers from each of Jinny’s 12 locations, their purchasing team and upper management.
The Friday night reception hosted by Wella was a perfect way to kick-off the weekend. It gave industry vendors and the Jinny sales team the opportunity to meet and talk in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.
Saturday and Sunday meetings were well-received and ran like clockwork. These short meetings gave key vendors the opportunity to share with all of the Jinny sales managers at once, their major initiatives for the second half of 2016.
The group spent Saturday evening a

board the luxurious 128-ft., 4 deck, Grand Floridian Yacht. They took a 4-hour cruise down the inter-coastal, eating, drinking and dancing the night away. The food was amazing, the crew was fantastic, the drinks were flowing, and the DJ had everyone moving. The vendors and the Jinny team alike had an amazing time and took advantage of this opportunity to make new friends, strengthen relationships, collaborate on ideas, and have fun.
The first Jinny Sales meeting exceeded expectations. The company was able to build a stronger foundation with their key vendors and the sales managers that they can build upon. They have set themselves up to have a very strong second half of 2016, all this while having fun.
Next year will be even better.

“I’ve been attending sales meetings for going on three decades and this was one of the first that ran on time and with its sales people still displaying the right amount of enthusiasm and attention to what the speaker was saying. They were engaged and interested in what I had to say and as I said to Garrett, ‘not only did the sales meetings seem to run on schedule, but for the first time in a very long time this vender was made to feel appreciated and valued by everyone attached to the event.’
Thank you again for the invitation to attend, I’m glad I did.”
Lorenzo Mejia
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