Joyous Jewel Tones

Emeralds, rubies, sapphires…oh my! Jewel tones are vibrant, rich colors that bear a resemblance to the breathtaking hues of gemstones. A few words quickly come to mind when considering jewels: precious, dynamic and gorgeous, and that’s exactly what these products are. From their packaging design and colors to the results they yield, we can’t get enough.



Marsala Manes

In celebration of the 2015 PANTONE® Color of the Year, we are proud to highlight High Beams’ Intense Temporary Spray-On Haircolor in this magnificent shade of Rockstar Red. The salon-quality, highly concentrated formula can be used to cover grey roots or add pizzazz to any hair design, and washes out easily. Add highlights or make a bold statement!





Yellow is Yucky

When we say yellow is yucky we of course mean that yellow discoloration of grey hair after receiving a relaxer service. That is where Chi comes to the rescue with their Deep Brilliance Yellow Buster. It leaves grey hair brighter, naturally soft, full of luster and with incredible shine.





Go Intense!

If your customers are going to go for a new hair color, why not encourage them to go all the way with Dark and Lovely®’s new Go Intense Permanent Haircolor?! These colors, like the Golden Blonde shown in this photo, are ultra-vibrant on dark hair and the formula leaves an incredibly soft feel.





Fresh Start

No matter how gorgeous a nail polish color is, sometimes your customers just need a little change in their lives. Luckily these finger- and toe-tip hues are easily changed, thanks to Marianna’s Professional Acetone Polish Remover. This non-oily product is especially formulated for sculptured and natural nails.





Color Bare for Babies

Sometimes the absence of color is just what your customers are looking for. Take the Just Hatched™ Precious Baby Dusting Powder for instance—it has “no yucky stuff inside,” ensuring safe use on even the most sensitive of skin. Finish diaper changes with a feather-soft touch that boasts a delicate coconut powder scent.



SPAR04101Step One to Fabulous Color

What’s the first step to dying hair with one of Sparks’ vibrant, creative colors? Lightening the hair, of course. Using one of Sparks’ Powder Lightener Packettes, users easily lift natural hair from dark to pale blonde in a single use. Simply mixing it with Sparks’ Crème Developer creates just the concoction needed for lightening success, prepping hair for the fabulous color to come.



AI51173Create Fancy French Manicures

There’s nothing quite as formal and fancy as a French Manicure, especially when it adorns acrylic nails. But now there’s a way to step it up a notch, adding glow-in the dark ability! Create a glowing twist on the traditional nail design with SuperNail’s Glow in the Dark French Acrylic Powders. Nails look like a traditional French set by day, yet when the moon comes out they transform to eye-catching, glowing wonders.




Color That Won’t Quit

Clairol Professional invites your customers to express themselves in full color with their Textures & Tones luxurious permanent hair color and conditioning system, which is designed for women of color. Formulated to provide long-lasting color and shine with moisture-rich conditioning for relaxed or natural hair, it is perfect for all your store patrons. These vibrant colors produce shine that lasts, provide 100% gray coverage and are ammonia-free.





Color Protection

Conditioner use is important for taking good care of hair as it typically restores the moisture levels of strands, instantly nourishing dull, weak hair. This is exactly what the Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner from Jheri Redding Professional does, but it packs even more in its punch. Not only does it reconstruct the hair shaft, detangle and doctor up damaged cuticles, it also provides color protection. Look for the blue bottle, and shine on!




Radiant Beauty

Undoubtedly all of your customers seek a clean, balanced and beautiful facial complexion. You can help them achieve this with the Brightening Facial Sheet Mask from Dermactin-TS. Along with cleansing the face, this Hydroquinone-free sheet mask also helps to control excess oil and smoothes irritated skin and bumps. With one mask per sachet, they are easy to store and simple to use; effective on all skin tones.







For someone who paints their own nails, nothing is as frustrating as dated nail polish that has the potential to still cover so fabulously, if only it weren’t so thick and clumpy. DeMert has the solution—Nail Polish Thinner. Ensuring smooth application, it thins nail polish to the perfect consistency.




EZ Color

“Cover gray the EZ way” with Bigen’s EZ Color for Men, shown here in Jet Black M1. Boasting easy comb-in application, users simply comb this advanced cream formula through hair without worrying about drips or stains on skin. Simply use what is needed and save the rest for later! Perfect for use in the hair or beard, it’s the gentle, ammonia-free color your male customers need.


Healthy Hair and Scalp

Experience the beauty of Monoi, an exotic, fragrant Tahitian coconut oil used by Polynesian women for centuries to protect and care for shiny, healthy hair. ORS Monoi Oil features healthy Omega 3 and 6, plus antioxidants to protect hair from breakage, leaving it strong, long and beautiful. It also reduces protein loss, improves surface of scalp for healthy hair growth, and boasts no silicones or mineral oil. For natural or relaxed hair.






Red is all the Rage

Red lips are in! Give your customers what they want with Posner’s Moisturizing Lipstick, shown here in Maraschino (a mesmerizing red). Users get superior coverage in a creamy, longwearing lip color that conditions and protects lips. It’s formulated with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil.




Be Blonde

Be Blonde…if only for a day with Jerome Russell’s BBlonde Temporary Highlighting Sprays. These color sprays allow users to achieve stunning highlights that easily spray in and wash out, without damaging the hair! They come in a variety of soft, natural colors that fit any mood or season.

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