Kids Stylin’ in the Summer

Summer is approaching and children are ready to have fun playing outdoors, swimming, going to summer camps and taking trips with their families. Children and teens are excited to wear their new summer outfits and cool hairstyles. They’re following the way their parents are wearing their hair—which has shifted to natural hair styles. Fewer girls are getting relaxers due to their mothers’ strong concern about the damage that can be done to their tresses, and fewer boys are getting traditional haircuts at the barbershop. More and more boys and girls are finding new, creative ways to express themselves with various fun natural hairstyles including locs, twists and braids. These styles help them show their individuality and personality.

It’s important to use the right products to keep hair healthy and moisturized. One product line that mothers know will keep their natural hair styles looking great and staying moist, shiny and frizz-free throughout the summer is Jamaican Mango & Lime®.

Three main culprits that contribute to rough summer hair are dryness, heat, and chlorine or salt water. After a long week, hair can become dry and damaged, and moisture needs to be restored. Using a good conditioner or hair oil can help lock in moisture in the hair shaft and also prevent dry, itchy scalp. Moisturizing sprays are also a popular “go-to” for keeping hair moisturized. The most sought-after products are those that are light-weight and made with natural ingredients. It’s also important that the products not only provide moisture, but also stimulate hair growth, protect against the sun and help prevent breakage. Using clarifying shampoos to get rid of product build-up and remove chlorine is essential, and the best shampoos are those that are sulfate-free that never strip hair of its natural oils.

One thing is for sure, summer is a busy time when it comes to caring for natural hair styles. So, get ready for mothers and teens to come to your stores looking for the right product to keep their summer styles healthy and moisturized.

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