La La Anthony Debuts Her INALA Hair Care Collection

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La La Anthony launches her first ever hair care line, INALA, debuting on this month. With a mission to fuel confidence and boost empowerment, Anthony pulled on her personal experience to create thoughtful, results-driven products that work to inspire self assurance. What started as an experiment in her kitchen turned into a fulfilling experience filled with self discovery and the debut of the INALA brand.

“I believe that strength, confidence, and power come from being who we truly are. INALA was created out of a personal need and turned out to be much more. The journey of creating the INALA Rice Water Complex, which is the power behind the brand, is a story I’m excited to share.”

During COVID when Anthony was home for a long stretch of time, she began to notice that years of being in a stylist’s chair and having her hair pulled, prodded and manipulated had taken a real, noticeable toll. Looking to find a solution to treat and restore her hair health, Anthony took a deep dive into the power of rice water. Because rice water has been used to enhance skin and hair for centuries, Anthony was committed to educating herself. Her research led to countless “how to” YouTube videos about nutrient-rich rice water. After making and using her own rice water treatments at home, the proof was in her hair and friends started to take notice. That was the catalyst that led Anthony to find a reputable team of beauty experts that could help bring her vision to life. The result…INALA’s signature Rice Water Complex.
Great hair defines a mood and every hairstyle tells its own story. Knowing this, INALA prides itself on developing products that do the heavy lifting so that “empowered hair” is simple and effortless to achieve. Much like the beauty of a white smile or the smooth look of clear skin, healthy hair only takes a little bit of effort with the right products.

INALA’s Power Potion®, a leave-in treatment that combines the power of nature with the best of science to encourage healthy hair growth, is the first product in the line. Infused with INALA’s signature complex of Rice Water, Biotin, Arginine and a variety of hair strengthening ingredients, there is power in every drop. Used once a day, it nourishes the scalp and strands at the root.

Founded by La La Anthony, INALA is a haircare brand with a mission to boost hair health from the crown down. The brand is built around 5 pillars; Inclusion, Nourishment, Accessibility, Listening/Learning, and Amplification. These pillars align and direct our product development and brand mission. They also happen to spell out our name, INALA. Like it’s founder, INALA embraces all forms of beauty and encourages acceptance by offering treatment-focused solutions for the common hair issues that women face. / Follow @INALA

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