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I have come across several new products over the past 10 years and many of them are great additions in the pursuit of creating the best service for the client. I have supported and promoted products like the Curl Sponge, Graff Etch Pencils, Twis Les Cords, Pro Grips, Clocca Capes, Klean Kutz Towels, Liquid Gold, Clipp-Aid, Chair Covers, Shoe Covers, Black Ice, and a handful of liquid product lines.

Well today, I would like to introduce an innovative product which I have found to be a simple fix to poor lighting in the barbershop/salon or on stage competing to produce the best possible haircut.

Introducing the Flash Comb, a comb with a LED light built into the comb created by The Rich Barber, Chuka Torres, and since 2012 The Rich Barber Company has been motivating and inspiring barbers to think outside of the box and THINK RICH. The philosophy is reflected in his products, services and education. He also created the “On the Money Blade Setters” a device designed to set your trimmer blades.

In an industry where your reputation is everything it’s important that you invest in detail, and the Flash Comb really works to improve your work. On average, a Barber or Stylist may use the light on the Flash Comb 5-7 minutes per haircut in a barbershop/salon or 5-10 minutes per haircut in a house or hotel.


  • Perfect for: Barber shops and house/hotel calls
  • Excellent for fading, detailing and checking haircuts
  • More light to always do your best work
  • LED light pack
  • Direct light (so you always have light right where you need it)
  • Patent Pending
  • Detachable light pack for sanitation
  • Reversible design for left and right handed Barbers
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • LED light pack: up to 25 hours of efficient use


For more information to wholesale this product, contact me directly at or call 678-310-3863.

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