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As we head into spring, this is the best time for naturalistas to show-off their fabulous natural-styled hair. Those cool curls, coils, locs twists or straight hair styles are no longer hiding under winter caps. Just don’t forget the key word: Healthy! They’ll find out that the only thing cooler than showing off their awesome natural hair is showing off a healthy head of hair.

Keeping hair healthy means keeping it clean with the right product, like My DNA Sulfate-Free Shampoo. It cleanses away product build-up without stripping the hair of its natural oils. And it infuses moisture in to the hair, to keep it ultra moisturized.

MY DNA Leave In Conditioner and Detangler infuses healthy moisture into the hair. The rich, natural ingredients penetrate the hair shaft and get straight to your roots, making your hair smooth, frizz free and beautiful!

In between shampoos, moisturizing the hair daily with Jamaican Mango and Lime Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps the hair stay hydrated, soft, and easy to style. A hot oil treatment with Jamaican Black Castor Oil once a week is a sure way to make hair its healthiest best.

March is also a great month for bringing out the new and unique colors women love to paint on their nails. However, all the colors in the world won’t do much for brittle, dry and unhealthy nails. That’s why keeping nails healthy is so essential, and it’s so easy; it can turn into a daily habit. Keeping nails healthy also means washing hands with a mild soap, using a nail brush to get under the cuticles and nails.

It’s springtime, “Where You Surrender Your Senses”! It’s time to get nails into great condition with the new Jamaican Black Castor Oil Exotic Oil Collection. This vitamin-enriched natural oil is enhanced with exotic aromas so our oils not only moisturize nails and repair and moisturize cuticles, but they do it all with the flavor of Scentsational exotic richness.

This spring, make your place the one-stop shop for everything healthy for natural hair, skin and nail care.

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