Maintain the Movember Moustache

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It’s that time of year when the moustache trend takes upper lips and the men’s grooming industry by storm—Movember. During the month of November, men everywhere are encouraged to grow out their moustaches to increase awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. While Movember creates a challenge for men who do not know how to maintain their moustaches, it also creates the demand for the tools needed to help tame wildly growing moustaches.

During this time, barber and beauty supply stores have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the Movember trend. Men will need a tool to outline their moustache and a tool to help keep the moustache hair growing evenly. I would suggest a trimmer that includes attachment combs such as the Andis Slimline® Pro Li. This cord/cordless lithium-ion trimmer will allow them to outline their own moustache and trim any stray hairs to keep it from looking too wild.

Some men will want their moustache to grow, but will also want the rest of the face to be clean shaven. Because it is easy to accidentally shave that ‘stache with a traditional razor, I recommend avoiding those altogether and trying the Andis Profoil Li Shaver. The Profoil Li is a lightweight, powerful shaver that will cut very close, yet will not shave the longer hairs of the moustache. This means that a man can shave the small, short hairs growing around his moustache without actually cutting into the moustache shape he’s so carefully groomed during the month. These two products will give him the best of both worlds.

Andis also manufactures a trimmer called the Superliner that includes both a trimmer blade and a foil shaver attachment, so the shopper gets two tools in one! It can handle both trimming and shaving very well.

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