Movember Moustache Movement

As November rolls around, Movember – an event promoting the growth of moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide – is the perfect time to highlight the tools needed to maintain that facial hair.

The Tools
A clipper is recommended for gentlemen who desire to keep their growing moustaches under control. Two clippers ideal for taming wild moustaches include the Andis Envy or the new Andis Headstyler. Both tools feature attachment combs that can help any at-home groomer easily maintain a consistent length of moustache.

A trimmer comes into play for shaping the outlines of the moustache – especially the area above the upper lip. For the at-home user wanting a cord/cordless product, I recommend the new Andis MultiTrim or the EasyTrim 2 trimmers. The MultiTrim features attachment combs that allow users to groom hair to multiple lengths. The EasyTrim features multiple snap-on blades, including a circular blade designed to keep nose hairs from growing into the moustache. For a higher end professional corded trimmer, the T-Outliner GTX is a good choice as it includes four attachment combs for thinning.

The ‘Stache
Moustache shapes vary, but any of these tools could be used to create the three basic chevron, pyramid and pencil-thin shapes. The chevron moustache made famous by Tom Selleck is still popular amongst older men, while the pyramid also remains popular – the legendary hip hop artist, Nas, has worn this shape for years.

There are a couple mustaches shapes I never want to see again, such as the horseshoe moustache; it should only be worn by wrestlers like Hulk Hogan. The horseshoe shape is created by shaving the bottom of the chin bald while maintaining the moustache and side bars of the goatee. The walrus is my all-time least favorite moustache shape, because it looks untouched and untidy…think extra-long whiskers on a human. Both of these moustache shapes could be improved with a good trimmer.

Remember, men often keep their facial hair after Movember so now is the perfect time to create a focus on clippers and trimmers in-store. For more information on clippers and trimmers, visit

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