New Cutting Edge Design


Introducing the Improved Flare with Seven New Features

Developed with hairstylists for hairstylists, the all new Personna Flare hair shaping razor has seven features to deliver optimal cutting tension. The design is garnering rave reviews, making it a must-have tool at a fantastic value.


  1. Sleek and durable, all-black handle
  2. Secure and comfortable gel grip
  3. 30% heavier with even weight distribution
  4. Brushed matte finished combs and razor head
  5. Smooth, contoured finger-ring
  6. Peek-a-boo window to feel gel grip inside package
  7. Easy-open, easy storage clamshell packaging


Value Kit!

  • 1 Texturizing Guard for blending or adding volume.
  • 1 Blade Lock Guard for free-hand styling.
  • 5 FREE Glide Coated™ Blades.

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