New Year. New Color.
Now white?

Keep your New Year look bright.

By now, you’ve long scrolled past all the ‘new year, new trends’ and have probably already chosen looks to try or are wearing one right now. We’re willing to bet there’s some color fun involved! Maybe it’s a whole new color, a metallic bang, or some stand-out face-framing strands. Making the choice was the easy part; now, what’s left to figure out is how you style that new look and help preserve your new hue? You get a dryer that can help you do both! Meet the Gold ‘N Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer and get to know what it can do.
Hair color preservation 101: dial down! Dial down the washes. Dial down the water temperature when you do wash. And, of course, take the temperature down a few notches on any styling appliances. Enter the Gold ‘N Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer – a styling appliance that has all hair types in mind. Designed with four heat settings (including both a ‘cool’ and ‘low’ setting) and Ionic Technology, the dryer has key features for gentle-drying without compromising on style. Set your natural styles to be smooth, full of healthy-looking shine and help make that color last.

Another way to keep color fresh and happy? Treatments, treatments, treatments. Deep conditioning, protectants, preservers. You name it. The Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer is perfect for hair TLC. That gentle heat we mentioned above is made for treatments. Plus, a portable design, flexible hose, and a 6ft. power cord lets you set up (or move around as needed) wherever’s most comfortable. An effortless clean-up is included, with a built-in bonnet and cord storage.
This dryer gives you what you need and gives you options (for when you know, you move on to your next look). Find the Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer at Amazon, along with all the other Gold ‘N Hot appliances that help you celebrate your style. Gold ‘N Hot aims to support stylists and hair enthusiasts with professional products for every step of their process. We provide a wide variety of quality styling tools to help you achieve the most gorgeous results and ever-changing trends. Follow Gold ‘N Hot on Facebook and Instagram @goldnhotelite.

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