New Year, New Tools, New Prices!

Most hair professionals struggle with the idea of raising their prices, asking themselves, “How do I tell my clients?” and “Do I deserve it?” The truth is that most people have had similar thoughts so, in the back of their mind, clients know a price increase is reasonable. Hair professionals can raise their rates because they invest in new tools and a new year is the perfect time for this.

While guiding your customers to the proper tools, take the opportunity to explain some of the benefits in purchasing a quality item. Using a tool like the Andis Supra ZR™, along with a full set of detachable blades, will lead to faster and better quality haircuts. With better quality comes the ability to charge a higher price and faster cutting times means you can increase client turnover on any given day—two simple ways to increase your daily service dollars. It’s also important to mention service upgrades that will leave clients focusing on the higher end service experience rather than the increased price. These options could be a complimentary hot towel or eye brow trim. By explaining that the end benefit of purchasing a higher quality tool is a price increase, this will strengthen your store’s relationship with a valuable customer by showing them that you care about their business.

Because an informed client is a better client, each time I raise my prices I personally hand a letter to my clients explaining what my new rate will be the next time they come in and offer a one-time discount. I also make sure to mention the continuing education I received and the new Andis tools I invested in, thus warranting a price increase. Over the years, I progressed from using the Andis Master® as my strongest clipper – Andis Excel – Andis BGRC® – Andis BGR+® – Andis MVP – Andis Excel Ultra – now onto the Andis Supra ZR. This is one of the tactics that has led me to reach my goal of becoming a six-figure barber and can lead others there too!

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