Olivia Garden Releases New Line With Profits Going To Fight Racism, Discrimination and Injustice

Customer Favorite Brushes Are Redesigned To CreateCHANGE!

Olivia Garden, a global leader in high-quality, innovative tools for the professional hairstylist, is joining the fight against racial inequality through their new brush collection, CreateCHANGE!. The collection features the widely popular Ceramic + Ion Brushes, but with a new
message: NO to racism, NO to discrimination, NO to injustice, YES to CreateCHANGE!.
100% of net profits will be donated to organizations that create positive change advocating for racial equality. Now, as stylists get back into the salon, they can secure the tools they need to serve their clients all while supporting social justice.

The collection will be available Nov. 1.

“Our hearts break over all of the pain and suffering derived from racism, discrimination, and injustice, and we at Olivia Garden yearn for a day that all humans are valued and treated equally,” said Anne Maza, Co-Owner of Olivia Garden. “A lot of work must be done in our country, on so many levels, to address injustice. We wanted to help by contributing in our small way to the greater cause. So, we came up with a way to use our skills and create something that will hopefully play a role in creating positive change.”

Collection Details
The collection features three customer-favorite brushes in the new design:
• Ceramic + Ion 1 3/8” Thermal Barrel Brush & Ceramic + Ion 2 1/8” Thermal Barrel Brush
o Ceramic coated barrels heats up faster & retains heat longer creating faster and better styling. The lightweight brush hydrates the cuticle and adds shine to eliminate flyaways.

• Ceramic + Ion Supreme Combo Brush
o Anti-static, Boar and Ion charged bristles eliminate flyaways and ensure a smooth, shiny finish. The unique handle design creates a comfortable grip ideal for styling and shaping short to medium hair.

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