ORS™ Delivers Restorative Hydration for Dry, Frizzy Hair with New Olive Oil for Naturals Line


Namaste Laboratories, the makers of ORS™ The Original Root Stimulator hair care products, has unlocked a game-changing secret for natural hair maintenance. Known as the healthy hair advocate, ORS™ expands the Olive Oil family to include, Olive Oil for Naturals, a full product line infused with ghee butter, an Ethiopian secret to softer, healthier looking hair. Rich in vitamins A, D, K2 and E, and anti-oxidants, ghee butter is the ideal solution for restoring vital moisture for dry, frizzy hair.

“At Namaste, we understand firsthand the process of maintaining strong, beautiful and healthy natural hair,” said Candace Cage, Category Head –ORS™ Naturals. “No matter where our customer is in her natural hair journey, Olive Oil for Naturals will provide moisture, help maintain stronger hair and deliver elongated curls.”

The combination of nourishing olive oil, hydrating coconut oil and ghee butter is a proven recipe to deliver stronger and healthier-looking hair. ORS™ Olive Oil for Naturals consists of a wide range of maintenance products including the Butter Bliss Sulfate Free Shampoo, Buttery Smooth Conditioner, Butter Milk Styling Lotion, Butter Rich Co-Wash, Butter Whipped Leave in Conditioning Crème, Butter Crème Styling Smoothie, Butter Glaze Gel Soufflé and the Hydrating Hair Butter.

“Much too often, women of color are made to feel as if the hair that grows from their head is unacceptable, unkempt or even unnatural,” said Shawn K. Tollerson, Chief Operating Officer. “We want all of our consumers to know their hair is unbelievably beautiful, regardless of type, texture or style of choice.”

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