OSSAT Naturals Healthy Hair Care System


OSSAT Naturals styling products allow users the flexibility to style natural hair any way they like. The products feature a 5-in-1 natural moisture blend that nourishes hair.


O = Olive Oil for More Moisture

S = Shea Butter for Conditioning

S = Sunflower Oil for Shine

A = Argan Oil to Stop Frizz

T = Tea Tree Oil for Internal repair


Each of these 8 items can be combined in different ways to benefit hair according to the users’ specific needs. The following 3 groups show how.


  1. Cleansing/Conditioning Trio – Restores, Replenishes and Softens
  • Smoothing Shampoo
  • Moisturizing Co-Wash
  • Deeper Moisture Mask


  1. Moisturizing and Transitioning Trio – Maintains Moisture and is Great for Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural
  • Moisturizing Co-Wash
  • Deeper Moisture Mask
  • Triple Moisture Lotion


  1. Versatility Four – Curl, Twist, Mold, Hold, Shape and Shine
  • Shaping Gelly
  • Form & Hold Wax
  • Curling Custard
  • Natural Oils Moisture Mist (for hair and body)


For more information, visit www.ossatnaturals.com.

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