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2016 was a fascinating and fun year to try new styles and learn new ways to care for those lovely locks! Not only do great hairstyles perform ornamental functions, they allow us to keep those tresses under control. Whether you use tools like the flat iron to make your coils go straight or you condition, shake and let them go natural, there have been many new and unique style choices this year. Creativity in the use of braids, those sophisticated up-dos, bobs and weaves—all made for a banner year in using our crowning glory to shout a personal statement about our style. As we find ourselves at the end of the year, we have a chance to make one last big statement before we look ahead to 2017, the new year and all the new ways we can care for and create new styles with our hair.

gnh-productsAny length, any texture, and any curl type can benefit from the return of the amazing crimping iron. Gold ‘N Hot has two unique and versatile tools to make your holiday hair pop! First, our 2” Professional Ceramic Crimping Iron (GH3013) can take long locks and create unlimited style. Whether you use this amazing iron to do a full head of crimps (don’t be afraid-think luxurious lion’s mane!) or you can use it to add texture here and there while using a flat iron (Gold ‘N Hot has an amazing 1” Ceramic Flat Iron, GH2144) and creating your own patterns throughout. Your style will be your own and will be the talk of any holiday gathering.

You don’t have to have shoulder, or even neck-length hair to achieve chic styles! Especially for the holiday season, Gold ‘N Hot has re-released its 1” Ceramic Micro Crimping Iron (GH3010).  This iron is amazing for shorter styles, up-do’s or for accenting smaller sections of longer hair. Strips in braids, ponytails, bangs—any piece of hair that needs a little accent—can be jazzed up with this amazing and versatile iron.

Do as little or as much as you want. Gold ‘N Hot offers 24K Gold Curling Irons in various sizes, and amazing specialty tools including deep wavers to make achieving sexy, chic, and classy styles simple and quick!

Sure, clothes, jewels, shoes and accessories tell something about our personality and style, but nothing makes a statement like your hair. Be sure you don’t leave this most important part of your party preparation half done!  Heads will turn, whether you decide to go elegant, or eccentric, understated sophistication or wild trendsetter. Find the tools you need in Gold ‘N Hot’s extensive line of hair tools made especially for textured hair. You can go flat, get tight curls, create big, soft, round waves, or join the current holiday trend by crimping big or little.


Gold ‘N Hot is dedicated to producing products that give you the power to get professional results you desire from the comfort of your own home. Gold ’N Hot is currently looking for excited new individuals who are eager to give us feedback on our products and increase brand awareness. If you’re interested in becoming a brand ambassador, please contact us feedback@goldnhothair.com or visit our website at GoldNHotHair.com. Be sure to follow us or like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest @GoldNHotElite for the latest updates, giveaways, and more.

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