Pedicure Tips: How to Use a Foot File

A pumice stone is not the only way to remove calluses from your feet. Metal and sandpaper foot files can be just as just as effective if they’re used properly. Here are some helpful pedicure tips that can make getting rid of calluses on the bottoms of your feet a breeze.

Metal foot files work like cheese graters to grate the calluses off the bottoms of your feet. Sandpaper foot files are made from emery paper, and they’re not as durable as metal files. For this reason, sandpaper foot files are only appropriate for minor dead skin removal on the feet.


How to Use a Foot File
Soft calluses are easier to file away than dry ones, so one of the best pedicure tips is to soften the calluses on the bottoms of your feet by soaking them in warm water for 10 minutes.

Once the calluses are softened, remove your feet from the water, and use fast, even strokes to gently grate the dead skin away with a metal foot file. Dip your feet back in the water from time to time to rinse away dead skin.

Metal foot files need to be used carefully to prevent injury to the bottoms of the feet. If there is still dead skin on your feet after you file them with a metal foot file, use the sandpaper foot file to finish the job. A sandpaper foot file can be used in the shower or tub to keep dead skin at bay between pedicures.

Feet harbor tons of dangerous bacteria that can buildup on your foot file, and cause infections. This is why one of the most important pedicure tips to prevent the spread of bacteria is to clean your foot file after each use.

If used properly, foot files are effective at sloughing away the dead skin and calluses that accumulate on the bottoms of your feet.


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