Profectiv Mega Growth Break Free Daily Leave in Strengthener


Strength of Nature wants to give your customers long and strong hair through use of their Mega Growth™ line. Designed to improve overall hair health—and in turn creating stronger, longer hair—these richly nourishing hair care products offer women the ultimate damage protection.

Profectiv Mega Growth Break Free Daily Leave in Strengthener stops chemical damage before breakage starts. Penetrating and remoisturizing deep inside the hair, Break Free infuses strength to fragile hair, mending damage resulting from over-processing. This exclusive Pro-Growth formula stops and corrects daily breakage caused by chemical treatments. It can be used daily or as an intensive leave-in conditioner after shampooing.

All MegaGrowth products contain an ultra-protective, patented blend of natural oils and conditioning proteins that help strengthen and protect the hair shaft. MegaGrowth defends against breakage, split ends and dryness. The products are infused with an advanced ultra-protective complex, including natural protein strengtheners, olive oil, strong antioxidants, richly conditioning Shea butter, vitamins E, B and C, nourishing superfood avocado, high shine Argan oil and heat protective coconut oil.


Consumer Feedback:

“Growth? Absolutely!! In addition, the parts in my hairstyle that were thinning out have now filled in, along with the “temple” area which is growing back beautifully.”


“This is one of my favorite products; it keeps my hair and scalp in great condition… My hair was getting quite dry and was starting to break off so I ordered the Strengthener and I am so glad I did. My hair has stopped shedding and breaking, and looks great!”

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