“Real Dads Read” Book Drive in Georgia Barbershops


Tonsorial Times will spotlight a wonderful program taking place within Atlanta and Columbus, Ga. barbershops and soon nationally in cities throughout the United States—a project called “Real Dad’s Read.”

This project was created by Fathers Incorporated. Established back in 2004, Fathers Incorporated, serves as a leader in the field of Responsible Fatherhood. The agency’s international, national, and local mission focuses on remediating the impact of father absence. The gentleman spearheading this organization is Kenneth Braswell, Executive Director, who has worked in the field of responsible fatherhood for 11 years. Kenneth Braswell is also the author of the children’s book “Daddy There’s a Noise Outside,” a book that teaches parents how to speak to their children about protesting injustices in their community.

Kenneth states, “It continues to be our mission to elevate and improve the well-being of children and families by the positive engagement of involved fathers. Many of today’s social ills can be connected to absence of father engagement. In contrast, research shows that fathers are more engaged today than ever.”

“Real Dads Read” is a program aimed at elementary and middle school aged children (grades K-8) and designed to engage all fathers/men in encouraging children to enjoy reading. While the overall project is designed to encourage all fathers, there is a particular need to emphasize a focus on Black and Latino fathers; particularly in low-income communities. There are over 40 barbershops participating in the program throughout the Atlanta, Ga. area and Columbus, Ga. To learn more go to www.realdadsread.org.


The program has four engagement levels:

  1. Implementation of a book drive in Barbershops throughout Atlanta
  2. Creating small libraries in Barbershops
  3. Creating school-based community groups to meet once a month in reading activities
  4. Creating a social media platform to impact the current narrative of Black and multicultural fathers.


We believe that “Real Dads Read’ will be a great project in Atlanta (eventually other cities) to assist with the images of narrative change for Black men/fathers, their children and families. The project is a perfect opportunity to help elevate a counter narrative by providing a great two generational approach to services for parents and children. Keep up the good work!

Please contact Fathers Incorporated for more information at 770-804-9800 or fathersincorporated@gmail.com. To donate to this project go to: www.gofundme.com/realdadsread.

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