Shaping the Future of Men’s Grooming: A Conversation with Innovative Beauty’s President & CEO

Innovative Beauty, a pioneering company in the beauty industry, has unveiled a groundbreaking product – the Godefroy Silver Fox Men’s Silver And Gray Beard Brighten. As beauty supply owners strive to curate exceptional offerings for their clientele, we delve into an exclusive Q&A with President and CEO Clay Campbell to explore the inspiration behind this innovative product, future developments, and the company’s commitment to sustainability in the grooming industry.

OTC: What is your role at Innovative Beauty and what inspired you to have a career in this industry?

Clay: I am the President and CEO of Innovative Beauty Products, alongside my wife, Lena. We started this business 20 years ago, and my role today primarily involves new product development. We both have been in the beauty industry for nearly 40 years and share a passion for bringing unique products to market. 

OTC: What inspired Innovative Beauty to create the Godefroy Silver Fox Men’s Silver And Gray Beard Brighten product, and what sets it apart from other beard care products on the market?

Clay: The gray enhancing category has always existed for women’s haircare, it’s a billion-dollar category, but nobody has developed a product line focused on the needs of men with graying scalp and facial hair. Men’s gray hair is different than women’s. It’s thicker and courser, and the lack of pigmentation on thick hair requires a different set of ingredients to effectively remove yellow and brassy undertones. 

OTC: Can you share some key ingredients or features of the Godefroy Silver Fox Men’s Silver And Gray Beard Brighten product that make it particularly suitable for men with silver and gray beards?

Clay: All the products contain a blend of ultraviolet pigments and emollients designed to reduce yellowing and brassiness, while hydrating and strengthening gray scalp and facial hair. The shampoo, beard oil, and conditioner also contain ingredients like coconut derived cleansers, olive oil, and castor oil. As you age, your hair can grow thinner and more brittle, so the nourishing ingredients we curated the products with help with this.  

OTC: How has the response been from customers who have tried the product? Have you received any feedback or testimonials that stand out? 

Clay: In 2018 we released a gray enhancing leave-in conditioner for men’s beards/facial hair. Customers loved this original product, which prompted us to expand the product line. By creating a comprehensive regimen centered around the leave-in conditioner, including a shampoo and a beard oil, we’ve provided a holistic solution for men’s grooming needs.  

OTC: For beauty supply owners looking to introduce this product to their customers, what advice or tips would you offer to effectively showcase and promote this product in their stores?

Clay: It’s a short product line with 3 items: A gray enhancing beard shampoo and leave in conditioner, along with a gray enhancing beard oil. All the items can be used together or separately. We also have a brush on beard colorant called Arctic White, which fills in patchy areas of pigmented colors on men’s facial hair. It’s for men who want a full gray beard effect; another first of its kind. All the products are designed to cancel out yellow and dull tones and leave you with bright white, vibrant, healthy gray hair. 

OTC: In what ways does the Godefroy Silver Fox Men’s Silver And Gray Beard Brighten product align with current trends or preferences in the men’s grooming market, especially among those with silver or gray beards? 

Clay: So, men’s grooming has been a growing category lately. More and more men have been investing in personal care products to enhance their appearance and grooming routines. There has been a recent trend to avoid beard/scalp coloring products and embrace your natural gray. Most want to avoid the negative effects of harmful chemicals, including PPD. Embracing a more natural look and your gray is huge in pop culture right now. You can see celebrities like Steve Carell, Ben Stiller, Mel Gibson, and Chris Pine embracing their grays. Lastly, with over 40% of men in the United States aged 40 and above, there’s a significant demand for grooming products tailored to their needs. 

OTC: Are there any upcoming developments or expansions planned for the Godefroy Silver Fox product line, or any related products that beauty supply owners should be aware of?

Clay: We have other products in development for 2024. We have exciting plans for expanding the Godefroy Silver Fox product line; One upcoming addition is the introduction of a Brush-On Beard Whitening Pen, designed to effortlessly transform beards and hair to a full gray/white shade. This product allows users to cover patches in their facial hair, helping them achieve a fuller and more sophisticated appearance. The brush delivers vibrant white color that can be easily styled and washed out. It is a very versatile product. Also, our in-house social media team is contacting barbers across the country, along with bloggers and other social media personalities. We will be sponsoring educational events in 2024, and we hope to reach as many key influencers as possible. 

OTC: How does Innovative Beauty prioritize sustainability?

Clay: At Innovative Beauty, sustainability is a top priority across all aspects of our operations. We actively reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing domestic manufacturers. As both a business and a manufacturer, we’re committed to sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. Our packaging reflects this commitment, with cartons that are 100% recyclable. Additionally, we are 100% cruelty free and PETA certified. 

OTC: Do your beard products have formulations suitable for use on the hair on one’s head as well? 

Clay: Yes! The Silver Fox shampoo and the leave-in conditioner can be used on the scalp as well. These products offer a comprehensive solution for men who prioritize both facial and scalp care in their grooming routine. Both the shampoo and conditioner effectively remove impurities and build-up without compromising the natural oils essential for a healthy beard- and a healthy scalp.  

OTC: What is the price point/pricing range for the Silver Fox products?  

Clay: Silver Fox products are positioned within the mid-range pricing tier, with each item retailing individually for $10. While there may be slight variations in price based on the specific product or retailer, this pricing strategy is reflective of the premium quality ingredients, sophisticated formulations, and the specialized approach of our grooming solutions. 

OTC: What point-of-sale material do you have?

Clay: For the Silver Fox product line, we offer a range of point-of-sale materials to support our presence in beauty stores. We can offer customizable product display cases designed to captivate the customers’ attention. Additionally, we can provide product banners featuring the Silver Fox branding and imagery. Godefroy also has a large social presence; on Instagram, we have over 100k followers. Our social media channels serve as valuable platforms for showcasing our Silver Fox products. 


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