Summer Fun doesn’t have to Mean Damaged Hair!

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Summertime means hot and humid weather creating havoc on your trendy hair style. It’s frustrating to see the hairstyle that looked so smooth and sleek at home puff up into a hot mess when you arrive to your vacation spot! But you can keep your style looking fresh and sleek with a few simple tips.

When planning a vacation, we rarely think about how the weather affects our hair. Make sure to know how your hair reacts to dry, humid or any other conditions, and pack the appropriate haircare products. Thinking ahead can make a world of difference when you look back at your vacation photos and admire your well-maintained trendy style.

Whatever your travel plans are—a tropical vacation spot or spending a day at the neighborhood pool—there are a few things you must do to keep your hair conditioned. Remember chlorine and salt water can damage your hair, so make sure to protect yourself from long-term damage by applying a little conditioner to wet hair and tucking it into a swim cap. Hair will absorb less chlorine/water when it’s wet. It’s best to shampoo after swimming, but if that’s not possible, make sure to at least rinse. After rinsing, moisturize and style.

When your hair is exposed to sun, it degrades the hair shaft’s proteins and pigments. Why should this matter to you? Your hair could lose its color and dry out. It’s critical to protect your hair from the sun! Items that will help protect you from sun damage are detangling sprays that contain UV protection. Make sure to use these detangling sprays as a finishing mist or as a leave-in conditioner.

You can also make a fashion statement with fedoras, straw hats and wide brimmed hats. Not only do these help protect your hair from the sun and UV rays, they also provide a great accessory to your vacation style.

It’s important to prevent any unnecessary damage from vacation-induced dryness. A great tool to lock moisture deep into your hair is our Hot Tools® 1 ¼” Conditioning Vapor Flat Iron, which heats up to 450 degrees (enough heat for just about any hair type!). This flat iron uses Argan conditioning treatment and thermal protectant, which seals in moisture to create silky styles without drying out your hair. The Nano Ceramic surface glides effortlessly across your hair, leaving it soft and shiny for healthy, salon-quality straight hair. It’s the perfect styling tool for your vacation getaways.


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