Summer Skin

Summer is officially here and that means it is time to let skin see the sun! Careful though, be sure to protect it and always keep it moisturized. Check out a few of the beauty business’ hot items here.

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Skin Care Goals

We all have them. When it comes to skin care, every woman aims for the clearest skin by using the best products to achieve their skin goals. Infused with Vitamin E, Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Healing Oil can help boost skin’s natural glow, leaving it smooth and free of wrinkle formation when included in everyday skin care regimes.











Tone Up, Buttercup

To rebalance skin tone and moisture levels, the pore perfecting combination of Aloe, Cucumber and Papaya Extracts in Avalon Organics’ Vitamin C Renewal Balancing Toner purifies and hydrates while targeting areas of hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and cell energizer that helps eliminate free radial damage caused by daily sun exposure to help fight the visible signs of photo-aging.











Painless Tweeze

Beauty can take work, and that is especially true with eyebrow maintenance. The pinching and stinging that accompanies tweezing is unlike any other, but Ardell has just the tool to help. The Brow Painless Tweeze Dab-On Numbing Gel provides instant pain-relief for use before tweezing, and cleanses the skin. It can also be used for relief of external pain or itching associated with sunburn, insect bites and minor skin irritations.








Amazing Apricot

Do you have customers who want to soften fine lines, help restore a healthy glow to skin, or even treat dry hair? Mamado’s 100% Pure Apricot Oil can help! Blended with Sweet Almond Oil and rich in essential fatty acids, this gentle and natural oil promotes soft, radiant hair and helps sooth irritated skin.








Complete Cleansing

Think you’re customers want full body skin care from one tool? Yes, please! The Diane 5-in-1 Beauty Cleansing Brush features 5 unique attachments and 2 speed settings for all skin types and uses. This battery-powered tool does the work for users. What’s not to love?










Sweet Skin Care

Cocoa butter lotions and creams are great, but sometimes users need a convenient, easily-transportable option. That’s where Butter Sweet’s Cocoa Butter Stick comes in handy! This easy-to-apply product goes directly on problem spots to soothe rough, dry skin and marks. It is also great for moisturizing dry, chapped or cracked lips.








Soft and Smelling Good!

Soft, moisturized skin starts here with Cantu’s Softening Body Butter. Enriched with 100% pure shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E, it is designed to keep skin soft all day long, and smelling great! Plus, the creamy, quick-absorbing formula allows users to moisturize with ease.









Solve Skin Problems

Relief has come for dry, rough skin and sunburn thanks to OKAY Mango Butter 100% Natural Smooth. It protects against UV radiation, helps restore skin’s natural elasticity, and helps decrease signs of aging…but it doesn’t stop there. This product also helps revive dry, damaged hair. This truly is a must-have in beauty regimens.







Natural Cleansing

Black soap is an ancient cosmetic cleansing product from West Africa that can be used on the face, body and hair. Specifically, the 100% Black Soap from RA Cosmetics is made from leaves of various plants and nourishing oils, and has many therapeutic benefits. Aside from cleansing it can also be used before shaving, to exfoliate and brighten skin, even skin tone and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.










A Bar for Everybody

Ampro has your customers covered for all of their skin cleansing needs. The gentle vegan formulas of the Vivas Moisturizing Body Bars are enhanced with natural ingredients to treat distinct skin concerns. Cleansing without over-drying, each of the body bars smells great and leaves skin looking and feeling fabulous.









All Day Freshness

It may not be a topic of everyday conversation, but every woman wants to feel beautiful without worrying about unsightly odor. The Hypoallergenic Feminine Deodorant Spray from FDS (shown here in the White Blossom scent) is clinically proven to be safe and gentle, keeping women fresh and confident all day long.










Gentle Exfoliant

You’ve struck gold! The Fair and White Gold Ultimate Sugar Exfoliator For Face is the must-have gentle scrub for skin care cabinets everywhere. Enriched with sugar, its melting texture gently exfoliates the face to remove dead cells and impurities. Deliciously fragrant, it reveals the radiance and purity of the complexion. Ideal for use 2-3 times a week.

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