Sun Protection and the Multi-Cultural Consumer

Over the past three decades more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined and the numbers continue to grow each year1. And while the statistical incidence of melanoma is less frequent in African Americans, the fatality rate is much higher. The overall 5 year melanoma survival rate for African Americans is only 77% vs 91% for Caucasians2. Palmer’s is committed to consumer education on the importance of using of sunscreens amongst all ethnicities. All of our products have been verified and certified with the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective broad spectrum sunscreens.

In our development research for the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Suncare range we found that one of the biggest complaints that kept coming up amongst women of color was that the sunscreens on the market left a white or greyish film on their skin. So Palmer’s® chemists worked to make sure that all of our products absorbed quickly and gave skin a radiant, healthy looking glow without any white residue. The most important factor to that process is Cocoa Butter. As the #1 brand of Cocoa Butter in the world, Palmer’s® used its expertise to harness all of the incredible skin care benefits of this super ingredient for our Suncare range.

Palmer’s uses prime-pressed, unrefined cocoa butter, obtained by hydraulic pressing instead of heat and solvent extraction to retain the purity and preserve all the natural skin care benefits of the ingredient. Forty-three percent of the world’s cocoa butter is sourced in Africa where it is used to care for sun-exposed skin. The high fat content in cocoa butter mimics the natural protective layer of the skin, and even has the same melting point as body temperature, making it an important skin moisturizer and protectant. Cocoa butter is also rich in antioxidants, most notably mass polyphenols which help combat free radical damage – the main culprit of premature aging.

Another important feature of these products is the CocoaPlex Technology.



CocoaPlex™ Technology

CocoaPlex™ Technology is a proprietary formulation technique which optimizes the skin-friendly properties of Palmer’s® Cocoa Butter while enhancing the sunscreen emulsification. Used in each Palmer’s® Eventone® Suncare product, this technology provides these unique benefits:


  • MAINTAIN EVEN SKIN TONE: Helps keep skin tone balanced and free of dark spots, age spots or marks that can perceivably make you look older


  • SUPERIOR MOISTURE: Creates a natural, breathable barrier between skin and the environment to retain moisture and prevent skin dehydration


  • ANTI-AGING PROTECTION: Contains Cocoa Mass Polyphenols (CMPs) that provide antioxidant protection against age-accelerating free radicals, keeping skin more youthful in appearance


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Suncare products are available at Walmart and




1Stern, RS. Prevalence of a history of skin cancer in 2007: results of an incidence-based model. Arch Dermatol 2010; 146(3):279-282.


2Ahmedin J, Siegel R, Xu J, Ward E. Cancer Statistics, 2010. CA Cancer J Clin 2010; 60:288-296


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