“The Beard Game” 6 Tips for Success

Welcome to 2016! Last year, did you notice the new but old trend for men to grow bushy beards? Just like tight pants and empty frame eye glasses, the resurgent popularity of beards in all their many forms is actually part of the fashion cycle that has gone on for centuries. During the Civil War nearly all leaders grew a beard. Ironically, there has not been a bearded president since Benjamin Harrison, but who knows, maybe the trend will reverse and again we will embrace the majesty of the beard on men of power in America.


So here are six tips for developing, maintaining and grooming a great looking beard.


  1. Pick a suitable style: Choose a style that works for your face and hair growth pattern. If you can’t objectively figure it out on your own, consult with a barber who will be happy to make a recommendation.


  1. Keep it neat: Beards require regular grooming and maintenance. How much depends on the style of beard you have, but in general you’ll need to use a razor daily for a clean line at the top, around and on the neck line.


  1. Oil and moisturize: I suggest you use Cold Label Bully Beard Oil (www.coldlabel.co) often on your beard immediately after cleansing for locked-in moisture, increased softness, and a rich natural luster.


  1. Beard shampoo: Keep your beard clean and free of bacteria. Cold Label Herbal Mint Ultra Shampoo is great for your beard and earns its name as a well-balanced all-purpose shampoo.


  1. Grooming tools: My favorite tools are my Andis T-Outliner and a straight razor, but for the man who does not have a steady hand, please use a multi-blade razor like Gillette or Schick products.


  1. Eat for good health and hair growth: Healthy skin translates into healthy hair, and a beard is no different. So, in addition to eating well, taking a multivitamin and omega-3 fatty acid will help dramatically improve your skin and thus the hair growing out of it. Keep up the good work!

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