The Natural Skincare Product Fad is Here to Stay!

Natural, organic, paraben-free, mineral. These terms are popping up more and more in today’s beauty industry. Consumers are looking for ingredients that they can pronounce and are simplifying their regimen more and more. It all seems confusing and label reading can be tedious while buying cosmetic products, but get ready because the trend is here to stay!
Natural ingredients provide more certainty in what one is applying or putting into their bodies. In this day and age, beauty mavens have so many choices when it comes to makeup and skincare. It’s hard to keep up with which ingredients are harmful and which are a-okay! Many beauty supply owners are also worried about what products to carry, what to suggest and what all these terms actually mean! Many stores suggest putting all your organic, natural, etc. products in one section or shelf space. This allows for an easy guide for those customers who are into the latest health and beauty trend. Simple ingredients are becoming more popular and skincare is no exception.
Clear Essence Cosmetics is one particular company that has created an all-natural beauty line to ensure that its customers are using only the best and most beneficial ingredients found in nature.
Everyday skin is affected by harsh environmental pollution, dietary choices and stress. Taking good care of it to delay aging, improve appearance, and fade dark spots or marks is usually easier said than done. But suggesting Clear Essence Olive Oil or Carrot Oil soaps are the perfect combination of natural ingredients and powerful results. These soaps maintain the skin tone while adding moisture. Our Olive Oil Soap helps to soften rough skin while carrots have been proven to add elasticity and leave skin looking radiant and firm.
There are many benefits to regular facial care. Regular skin care stimulates and improves metabolism and functions of the dermal tissues. This improves the appearance of the face and keeps it healthy and glowing. For those looking for glowing, smooth and moisturized skin… look no further than Clear Essence Specialist Skin Care Body Oil. Not only is it a moisturizing body oil, but it also helps to fade stretch marks and scars on the body, especially for darker skin tones. It helps to improve the skins appearance and elasticity over time.
While many believe that the natural fad is simply a trend, reports and statistics indicate that many consumers are becoming more health conscious and aware of the ingredients they are using in their beauty products. Keeping up with this change will be imperative for beauty supply and store owners in the coming years to ensure that natural items are available for the informed consumer!


Renae Tate
Renae Tate is the Graphic Design Lead and Sales and Marketing Representative for Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc. While keeping up with beauty trends has become a deep interest for her, she also enjoys snowboarding, fashion, the beach and traveling in her free time.


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