Tiny Curling Irons for the Perfect Curls

Today belongs to curly-haired girls! Their hair is the envy of straight-haired women everywhere.
Celebrities and models are hitting the streets and red carpets with every kind of curl imaginable. These latest trends are calling for smaller curling irons for the modern coiled looks. The Hot Tools® 3/8”, 1/2” and 5/8” 24K Gold Curling Irons are among stylists’ favorites for curly styles. Small irons are perfect for taming hair that has a natural curly texture that tends to frizz. Some hair has an uneven texture with tight curls in some places and straighter hair in others, so using a Hot Tools® curling iron on complicated hair like this gives consistency throughout the entire style.

When hair is healthy, it’s easier to style. Because healthy hair requires less time and heat, a curling iron will not need to stay on the hair too long to achieve a natural spiral effect. So starting with healthy, properly treated hair is the best way to ensure great results with minimum time. Select sulfate-free cleansers and moisturizing conditioners for preliminary hair prep, then follow with a curl-defining cream and a heat protectant. Complete the cycle with a daily moisturizer. Using a deep conditioning treatment will also keep hair soft and shiny.

To begin curling, start at the base of your hair (against the scalp), and wrap hair in a spiral twist around the curling iron barrel for perfect spiraled coils. Curls formed with this technique will be tighter than if curled the traditional way. For more of a ribbon curl, start at the ends of your hair and curl up, which will give a loose effect. Remember that the initial curl formation determines the finished look. Also, don’t forget that creating tightly coiled curls requires quite a bit of hair length. Opting for looser curls will create more volume with short hair. Using a satin hair wrap or pillow case will help keep the style looking fresh longer. Wearing a satin bonnet or pillow case will protect the curls while reducing frizz.

The 24K gold on the surface of Hot Tools’ curling irons is the perfect conduit for the even heat required for perfect curls. The Rheostat Control Dial delivers temperatures up to 430 degrees, and Pulse Technology® enables the curling iron’s surface to heat up quickly. Constant heat is maintained by the powerful heating capacity of the curling iron’s advanced electronic system. This system quickly recognizes heat loss and sends additional heat to the surface, which reduces styling time, increases hold, and improves shine.

Hot Tool’s curling irons come with an excellent selection of features for maximum performance and convenience. Among stylist’s favorites are a soft touch handle for comfortable grip, a foldaway safety stand to protect counter surfaces, and an 8-foot cord for easier styling in a variety of spaces. Proper cleaning and secure storage will prolong the life of the Hot Tools 24K Gold Curling Irons, and it is also recommended to avoid twisting power cords tightly around the unit. This may stretch appliance wires and cause them to break. The correct way to secure a cord for storage is to fold it back and forth into a bundle, then secure it with a twist tie. Hot Tool’s curling irons also come with a one year warranty.

The fashion and style of decades’ past are reemerging. Stylists are also seeing hairstyles from the past, and a resurgence of an interest in curls. But even though today’s styles may reflect previous eras, we still need to keep those styles looking fresh.

Research shows that women do not mind spending money to get the services, products and tools for the styles they want – whether new or throwback! With today’s clothes and accessories being a perfect match for curly hair looks, Hot Tools® 24K Curling Irons can be the tools that define women’s hairstyle and their personal brand.


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