This year there are a ton of great options for shavers. On my channel, the YouTube Barber Academy, we put them through the gauntlet and came up with some winners. The testing is based on price, battery life, closeness, comfort, and speed. So who won? 


Third Place: 

Great to see Wahl make a splash with a new shaver. Their last shaver was the Finale, released in 2016, so they put seven years of hard work into this one. What did we get? I like the battery indicator and the bumps on the back. It feels nice in the hand. The foil cuts close and smooth. This netted them 20 points. 


First & Second place: 

For the first time ever, we have a tie for first. The Rebel from StyleCraft came in at 22 points with its low cost and high performance. Across the board, on all hair textures, this machine reduced the hair to nothing with impressive speed. It’s small and compact in the hand. The Matte finish will help reduce reflections of harsh lights and help with the grip.

The Babyliss FX3 also made a splash coming in with 22 points. The Babyliss FX3 was last year’s winner, and across the board, it’s tied for the win against the Rebel from Stylecraft. This machine is fast with excellent battery life at a fair price, making it hard to beat. 


If you want to follow along and see how the rest of the field did, scan this QR code and check out the full video.




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