Top 5 Advantages of Liquid Eyeliner

With so many different kinds of eyeliner available it can be a challenge to identify which ones to purchase and which ones to leave on the shelf. Powder-based and liquid eyeliners have varying results, depending on the person. Many people choose powdered eyeliners (and the related powdered cream eyeliners) because these products seems more familiar and subtle; they focus on the ease with which liquid eyeliner can be used in excess and assume that powders and creams are the way to go. Although powdered eyeliners may work for some individuals, this is not necessarily the case, of course, for everyone.

There are a number of advantages to choosing a liquid eyeliner instead of a powder-based option, not the least of which is the ease with which liquid eyeliners can be used and how easy it can be to customize your eyeliner application. The following are five reasons to choose liquid eyeliner, hopefully giving you something to think about the next time you are trying to decide between liquid and powder-based eyeliner.


Less Clumping

Using powder-based eyeliners can result in small clumps of the eyeliner forming along your eyelid, ruining the smooth effect that most eyeliner applications attempt to achieve. This is not necessarily a fault of powder-based eyeliners, as it is most often a result of excessive eye movements or an unsteady application. If eyeliner is used on a consistent basis, clumping may also result from small amounts collecting on the surface. This can be caused by the applicator itself. Liquid eyeliner, due to the fact that it’s liquid, does not clump, and therefore does not have this problem. A quality liquid eyeliner should flow as smoothly on the twentieth application as it did on the first.


Smooth Application

Applying liquid eyeliner is generally much easier than putting on powder-based eyeliners. This is because liquid eyeliner flows more naturally onto your eyelid and the surrounding skin than powder-based eyeliner. Applying powdered eyeliners, if you want to get an even application, generally requires the user to pull on their eyelid. Liquid eyeliner can be applied gently without pulling on the eyelid and still result in an even coating. Removing the tugging, pulling and maneuvering not only saves you work and prevents you from missing portions of your application, but it can also greatly reduce the chance of you smudging your eyeliner application while trying to get your fingers out of the way.


Waterproof Eyeliners

Several brands of liquid eyeliner provide waterproof coverage, something that is much harder to achieve with a powder-based eyeliner application. Not only does this mean that your eyeliner will be ruined by an unexpected rain shower, but waterproof coverage also helps the eyeliner to stay in place when you are out under hot lights; or any other situation where small amounts of sweat could potentially ruin your makeup job. If this is a feature that you are looking for, make sure that the liquid eyeliner that you choose is waterproof. However, not all brands of liquid eyeliner will resist water, and you do not want to be given a false confidence by assuming that your brand has this feature when it does not. Take some time to read the fine print about the certain kind of eyeliner that you are interested in purchasing.


Bolder Colors

Many of the colors available for liquid eyeliners can make a sharper or bolder statement than similar powdered eyeliners. This does not mean that they will seem loud or out of place; liquid eyeliner colors simply tend to be more defined and give you many more options when it comes to expressing yourself through your makeup. While both liquid and powder eyeliners can be either subtle or obvious, powdered eyeliners achieve these states by either blending in with the skin that they are applied to or creating an obvious application through the use of color or layers of eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners instead allow you to have a subtle or obvious application by choosing from a wide variety of colors and application techniques, with the end result being smooth regardless of the option that you choose.


Easy Cleanup

Though many liquid eyeliners are waterproof or otherwise resistant to smudging, they generally come off quite readily when using makeup remover or in some cases even applying a soft but steady pressure to the area where the eyeliner is applied. As powdered eyeliner blends in with the skin it can take quite a bit of rubbing and removal in order to get it all off; liquid eyeliner on the other hand is generally designed to be removed as easily as it was applied. Because the liquid eyeliner will still remain moist even after it has been applied you also will not have to worry about bits of it flaking off and ending up all over your clothes before you can remove it.


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