Top formulators rise to the Challenge in show head-to-head

The Formulation Challenge is the culmination of four days of innovation and expertise demonstrations at in-cosmetics Global 2019

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness five expert teams battle it out the in-cosmetics Global (2-4 April 2019) Formulation Challenge, sponsored by Lonza.

The teams, made up of four R&D professionals and two marketing specialists, are given just 90 minutes to create a brand-new formulation using only the mystery ingredients they are given at the start of the Challenge and, of course, their knowledge, experience and expertise. They must also create a convincing, consumer marketing story to promote their product and be able to back up the claims they make for it.

The winner of the inaugural Formulation Challenge 2018 was Naturalps with its Swiss 360° Eye Rescue and now it’s making a bid to win for the second year running, going head-to-head with Hormeta SA, SRC-Nuxe, Alpol Cosmetique and Formule & Sens.

The competition calls for the precision of surgeons, the knowledge of chemists and the creativity of artists, with the judges scoring the formulations based on their technical merit and marketing story.

The event kicks off at 9am on 4 April in Formulation Lab 2 and spectators will be welcome on a first-come-first-served basis. For those that can’t be there, all the action will be streamed live on in-cosmetics Global’s Facebook page. Judging the competition will be experts Andrew McDougall, Global Haircare Analyst at Mintel and Lorna Radford, Managing Director at Enkos Developments, who will each assess each product as though it were intended to go on sale. The winning team will be revealed in the Formulation Lab at 12.30pm.

The Formulation Challenge is a popular extension of the Formulation Lab, which is sponsored by Brenntag and hosts three days of expert demonstrations and hands-on workshops from some of the best in the industry. Designed solely for R&D lab staff working for a cosmetic manufacturer, these free-to-attend, interactive training sessions are designed to help formulator learn the secrets of creating winning formulations.

The three days of Formulation Lab sessions include:
 BASF’s Exfoliating gel with a touch of care, (April 2, 9.30am-10.30am, Formulation Lab 1) where a gel-cream will be created that combines a suspension of stabilised shea butter micro-droplets with biodegradable exfoliating wax microbeads.

 Schlenk Metallic Pigments presents Formulate stunning new colours creations with a brand-new effect pigment generation (April 2, 16.30pm-17.30pm, Formulation Lab 2, which takes a closer look at its Alegrace® Aurous that enable genuine gold effects to be added to cosmetic products.

 Aloha Aloe! Deep cleansing, refreshing and skin caring micellar water is present by Cosphatec (April 3, 9.30am-10.30am, Formulation Lab 1). It will demonstrate how to formulate a natural Aloe Vera micellar water that provides moisture and supports natural skin regeneration.

 Lab sponsor Brenntag will showcase its new face cleansing foamer – Micellar bubble cream (April 3, 10.30am-11.30am, Formulation Lab 2. Made using a natural-as-possible cold process formulation, it is a foam that turns into a cream when applied to effectively remove dirt and makeup.

 Sensient Cosmetic Technologies presents How to create and adjust various shades of foundation adapted to skin tones (April 3, 15.30pm-16.30pm, Formulation Lab 1. This session explores colour possibilities with a range of pigments, while exploring the ease of formulating and adjusting shades.

Roziani Zulkifli, Exhibition Manager, said: “Formulation is at the heart of in-cosmetics, so we’re super excited to be hosting on the second-ever Formulation Challenge, which perfectly demonstrates the sheer expertise and innovative thinking behind some of the best teams in the business. But, of course, formulators working for manufacturers shouldn’t miss the fantastic line-up across all three days of the Formulation Lab sessions. They will get to the heart of the latest trends to offer insider advice, hints and tips, giving visitors valuable insights and new techniques to take back to their own laboratories.”

in-cosmetics Global will take place at Porte de Versailles from 2-4 April 2019. For more information, please visit

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