Top Multicultural Distributor Jinny Corp. Breaks into General Market Products with Beauty Logica

Jinny Corp., the number one multicultural distributor in the world, is proud to introduce their newest company, Beauty Logica! It specializes in servicing OTC stores and distributors all over the world with general market type products. Beauty Logica is determined to be in the same top position as Jinny Corp., thriving in the general market industry.

The product selection for this market is growing every day with new requests from customers. By utilizing all the distribution centers already in place by Jinny Corp., Beauty Logica has a greater advantage to service new customers and satisfy their needs.

“We started Beauty Logica in the Fall of 2013. This new distribution division arose from our desire to branch out into the general market.” declared Jennifer Jhin, Managing Director of Beauty Logica. “By using Jinny’s existing logistics services and 11 distribution centers across the U.S., Beauty Logica is strongly positioned to successfully and quickly serve the general market industry.

“Beauty Logica is young but growing. We are gaining loyal customers daily with our fantastic customer service, prices, and fast shipping, but we still have much to learn. Our growth is highly dependent on our ability to listen to our customers and observe what’s taking place in the industry.

“In the near future, we will have an outside sales force focused in key cities. They will communicate with our customers about how to grow their business while emphasizing the importance of product education.

“Ultimately, we’re not looking for a quick sale. We’re putting our resources into creating customers for life. So when we learn and educate ourselves, we want our customers—our partners—to continually learn and evolve with us. This type of investment, for me, is priceless.”

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