Top Color Trends: Talking Points To Share With Your Customers

You may have customers who are contemplating changing their hair color for a spring transformation. Warmer months are just around the corner, and there are popular color trends in everything from hair color to hairspray. Here are some hair color trends and talking points you can share with your customers:

Sandy blonde- This twist of color adds vibrancy and the warmth of sun-kissed hues.

Toasted pecan red- Try this enticing color to turn the heads of everyone around you. If you want to brighten your look, this is the perfect powerful pigment for those seeking to brighten their appearance with a powerful burst of pigment.

Icy platinum colors- This cool-toned hue captivates with its ethereal beauty. Plus, it is an eye-catching and flattering color.
Toffee tones- This color exudes an heir of sophistication. This warm and trendy color palette delights the senses with its inviting caramel hues, effortlessly chic and easy on the eye

Vanilla chai – This striking color choice frames the face with a blend of warm, neutral tones, creating a stunning contrast that enhances the hair’s natural beauty, inviting visions of indulgent, creamy swirls.

Cowgirl copper – This tantalizing shade of copper boasts a flattering warmth that complements a variety of hair types.

Salted caramel-This versatile color adds a bit of pop and dimension to beautiful tresses. It is perfect for those with warm complexions seeking a subtle yet impactful change.

Dusty peach- This color is a timeless classic with a romantic twist that exudes elegance and sophistication, offering a winning look for all skin tones.

Icy blue- The serene color evokes a sense of calmness and ease. It is one of the hottest spring colors on the market.

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