Ciara’s fluffy, textured waves prove that humidity isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to summer hair styling.

During the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Italy, the “Level Up” singer stepped out looking like absolute royalty, despite the hot temperatures and high humidity. Instead of fighting the summer elements, celebrity hairstylist Cesar Deleon Ramirez embraced the au naturale texture in Ciara’s hair to create her show-stopping look, exclusively using UNITE Hair (@unite_hair).

“I wanted the hair to have an airy, naturally fuzzy texture, like something out of an Italian Vogue editorial. So my goal was to utilize the natural texture in the hair. I was inspired by my surroundings in the beautiful small town of Syracuse, Sicily, with all its history and legends and the images of the local Santa Lucia. I wanted this look to feel as if Ciara was a renaissance queen in the Royal Family,” says Cesar.

Check out Cesar’s step-by-step breakdown on how to achieve the look at home and how to take humidity into your own hands this summer.

“On damp, towel-dried hair, begin by making a center part, and apply BOING Moisture Curl Cream from roots to ends. Diffuse until completely dry and curly.

Next, take a boar bristle brush and brush through section by section starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots. Brush until the curl is completely brushed out and all you have are nice uniformed fuzzy waves.

Then, take three diagonal sections off the part and use a small-barrel curling wand to wrap and twist-curl each section towards the face on each side.

Spray a light mist of LIQUID Volume from mid-shaft to ends to add even more texture and volume.

Brush each curled section into the rest of the textured hair on each side while spraying GO365 Hairspray. Pro Tip: keep the roots flat with GO365 Hairspray and sectioning clips, while brushing through the ends. It should look like a clean smooth wave at the root and fade to a fuzzy, fluffy texture.

Optional: add a jeweled headband or hair accessories from ear to ear for a crown like vibe.”
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