Wahl Professional Welcomes A Rod, Social Media Sensation and Barber, to its Team

Sterling, IL (July 23, 2020)Wahl Professional is pleased to announce its newest partnership with social media sensation and barber, A Rod (@arod23pr). The clipper manufacturer and A Rod, who has over two million followers on Instagram, will bring high-quality education to barbers and stylists everywhere. A Rod is known for delivering a twist of creativity and entertainment in his content, which has helped to engage and educate his many followers.

In partnering with Wahl Professional, A Rod will develop educational videos that showcase how to create cuts using Wahl tools. Wahl’s Education and Artistic Team (WEAT) members will also make regular appearances in his posts to also share their expertise in creating various cuts and looks. In addition, A Rod will be a guest in 2021 at Wahl’s Disruptour, the traveling, barbering and business educational tour.

“I’ve been dreaming of this partnership for years. Wahl has always been a part of what barbering means to me. My first clipper was a Wahl and one of my favorite tools is the corded Magic Clip because I love the power behind it.  I can see that Wahl and I are on the same path of moving forward into the future,” says A Rod.

A Rod has definitely mastered social media as a tool to grow his brand. He has two million followers on Instagram, over two million on YouTube, and 800,000 on Facebook that count on him for his exciting and educational barbering content.

Although A Rod has experienced a wealth of success more recently in his life, back when he started barbering 15 years ago that wasn’t the case. He grew up in the small town of Isabela, Puerto Rico and moved to Orlando, FL when he was just 16 years old. It was then that he started his haircutting journey because he couldn’t afford to get his haircut as often as he wanted to. A Rod practiced cutting hair on himself and his friends, but he found he didn’t yet have a passion for barbering. It wasn’t until after graduating high school, trying out a variety of jobs, and moving back to his hometown in Puerto Rico that he gravitated back to barbering and began to find his true passion in it.

Within a few years he’d moved back to the United States to serve in the US Army and after a year of deployment, was discharged in 2013. He then went on to complete barber school while in Texas. From there A Rod opened a shop in Los Angeles, CA with a fellow barber and began cutting celebrities’, rappers’, and athletes’ hair. It was then that he began to create a presence for himself on social media by producing and sharing creative and entertaining barbering content. He soon found he was equally passionate about creating high-quality, yet entertaining barbering education.

“When I found my passion for haircutting and creating videos, my skills for each were able to get to the level they needed to be at because I loved and still love what I do. It’s not about being popular or getting followers; motivation comes from the heart.”

“With Wahl Professional’s focus on providing quality education to barbers and stylists, and A Rod’s teaching techniques, this collaboration makes terrific sense,” says Aaron Flick, Wahl Professional’s senior marketing associate. “We’re excited to welcome A Rod on board and can’t wait to see where this partnership leads us.”

With his ability to speak both English and Spanish, A Rod will be able to reach more of Wahl Professional’s target audience and share his knowledge with them. With the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has become more crucial than ever as a way to share educational content and create connection with one another. During the first months of the nation-wide shutdown Wahl Professional provided barbers and stylists with educational videos from WEAT members and will continue to do so with A Rod as part of its team.

To see A Rod’s most recent videos with Wahl’s creative consultant, Byrd Mena (@byrdmena), click here. To watch more of A Rod’s collection of videos click here to subscribe to his channel and here to view and subscribe to Wahl Professional’s channel. To learn more about Wahl Professional follow them on Instagram (@wahlpro) or visit the website at wahlpro.com.

To view more pictures of A Rod click here.

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