10 Accessory Must Haves For 2015’s Winter Wonderland

What’s more exciting than a winter wonderland? Wearing accessories in a winter wonderland!

It’s that time of the year again when layering up is a must. This year we’re doing it in style. There’s nothing like having perfect, fashionable accessories to polish off any look. Here are 10 of my winter wonderland accessory must haves:


  1. Hair: Flowy curls or natural coils are the way to go this winter.

Remember, our hair is one of our best natural accessories. Keep your mane freshly tamed, colored and trendy to fit your own personal style. If you’re anything like me, the condition of my hair dictates the outfit of choice and mood. With colder weather, additional moisture is needed and fun colors can give the humdrum layers we’re forced to wear an added boost.

Store owners: be sure to keep your store shelves stocked with hair moisturizing products and fun hair dyes this season!


  1. Hats: Hats go perfectly with the flowy curls.

How else will we keep our heads warm and our hair in place during those windy days? Hats do not necessarily have to match the jacket, gloves or anything else for that matter. Have fun with prints; wear different fabrics and shapes. Instead of a regular hat try adding a top hat, adding a little oomph. If you are into flowers, rock a hat with a large flower. If you’re into animals, rock an animal print hat. You get the drift. I’ve also found that crotchet hats happen to be super adorbable.


  1. Gloves: Keep prints in mind when shopping.

Gloves are not just used to keep our hands and fingers warm anymore…they’re art! Grab a pair that can keep your fingers warm while waiting outside for the valet, yet convert to fingerless, keeping your hands warm indoors while fashionably plugging away at the keyboard. The great thing is our midi rings are exposed – super cute!


  1. Scarves: Amazingly versatile.

Let me start by saying, of course scarves are worn around the neck and can be manipulated in many different ways and styles. Now here’s where the fun begins… use them as belts, head wraps, hair bandeaus or even as vests. A vest?! Imagine that! I know you are wondering how that’s even possible, but it is. The longer scarves can be used as such.


  1. Clutches: There’s one for every occasion.

Give our arms a break from that heavy handbag. Clutches are a trendy, versatile way of carrying your personals. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, materials, textures and add spunk to any outfit.


  1. Rings: Layer ‘em up!

What can I say – they don’t have to be worn below the knuckles anymore. I guess you can say “they’ve come up.”

If gloves aren’t being worn, try a ring and bracelet combo. If gloves are being worn, midi rings are perfect. A little extra tip: turn those rings that no longer fit the traditional way into midis.


  1. Watches: Candy time!

More than time telling devices, watches are now the ultimate bracelet. Bundle watches with bracelets and create charming eye candy. The chunkier the watch, the smaller the bracelets should be. Mix and match the bracelets – gold, silver and/or colored.


  1. Blazers: Dress up casual looks.

Only for suits? Not anymore! Pair a blazer with denim or wear it merely as cover up instead of the typical sweater or cardigan. Try a floral blazer or one with some other print; it doesn’t have to be a solid color. A blazer is the perfect way to dress up the most casual outfit.


  1. Bomber Jackets: Stay warm and fabulous.

Bomber jackets are the cutest, trendiest and most fashionable way to keep warm casually, professionally or dressed up. The array of colors they are available in make them the jacket of choice. Imagine walking into an all-white party or all black affairs rocking a stellar royal blue bomber jacket…trust me you’re turning heads. They are also available in other materials beside faux leather or leather.


  1. Nail Polish: Add a pop of color.

With three out the 10 accessories mentioned bringing focus to our hands, it’s only right we keep our nails extremely pretty. It’s nail polish time! Let’s step outside of our comfort zones trying colors we normally wouldn’t. Our nails are a great way of adding a color pop. Steer clear of neon colors in the winter. Instead, go with darker colors like blue, burgundy and red (a classic).

By the way, gel polish is a great alternative to regular nail polish. It will withstand the harsh conditions of winter; once it’s on, it’s on. Don’t worry about the constant rubbing of lotion or the putting on and pulling off of gloves. It’s stuck on you!


Accessories add character. Let’s venture out of our comfort zones and enjoy this winter!




Janet Reid is the founder and owner of styledbyJReid (www.styledbyjreid.com). She is a Jamerican wardrobe consultant who loves all things fashion.

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