As the world’s largest multicultural and ethnic beauty supply distributor, Jinny Beauty upholds an unwavering commitment to collaboration, empowerment, growth, and success. Recently, Jinny hosted their highly anticipated Jinny Sales Meeting from June 8th to 11th in the enchanting city of Aurora, Colorado. This momentous event brought together Jinny’s executive, purchasing, and sales teams alongside key vendor partners, offering an immersive weekend filled with business, empowerment, and enjoyment.

Taking place at the exquisite Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, the venue provided a captivating backdrop for strategic discussions, impactful presentations, fostering relationships, and outlining major initiatives for the upcoming year and beyond. With opulent accommodations, delightful dining experiences, and an array of fun and creative recreational activities, the resort proved to be the perfect choice for this extraordinary gathering.

The event commenced with a team dinner, igniting an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation among the attendees. In the following days a vibrant exchange of ideas unfolded as vendors showcased their latest products and developments. The agenda included a captivating cocktail reception, graciously sponsored by The Wella Company, along with delectable breakfast and lunch spreads. In addition, a range of recreational activities such as horseback riding, skeet shooting, and fishing added the perfect touch of leisure.

Embracing the spirit of fun, networking, training, and partnership, participants wholeheartedly shared their insights and ideas. With this remarkable event, Jinny Beauty solidified its position as a driving force in the industry while fostering a collaborative environment that empowers growth and innovation. Check out our interviews with the President of Jinny Corp., Mr. Eddie Jhin and Jinny’s Director of Purchasing, Art Emm.


OTC: Can you share your overall experience attending the Jinny Sales Meeting event?
Mr. Jhin: I think every year, my experience attending our Jinny Sales Meetings are getting better and better with each year. Both our vendors and our sales teams are getting used to these special sales meetings and they understand the system and thus our meetings are getting better each time.

OTC: How do you feel the event contributes to building and strengthening programs and relationships with the vendor partners?
Mr. Jhin
: I personally think this type of an event builds stronger bonds with one another with our vendors especially. When you put a face next to the brand, it becomes more personable and it means much more than just selling some items or brands. Jinny carries the most amount of brands and individual products than any other distributor so this type of an event is very important for our sales team for them to get to know the people behind the brand and it will strengthen the relationship with one another. Our industry is a relationship business and we do not act like the big retail chain purchaser nor our customers act as chain store employees working at the store so the relationship means a lot to our company.

OTC: I saw that hiking, fishing, horseback riding and lots of other fun activities were among the highlights of the event. Did you get to partake in any of these and how do you feel it contributed to the overall atmosphere?
Mr. Jhin
: Yes we had many activities for our people and the vendors to join together. We had mountain trail hiking, clay skeet shooting, fly fishing, horseback riding, day at the spa, and golf. So I think we covered many people’s interests. I personally played golf and it was a real blast and I think I can say that all the golfers would agree with me on this comment.

OTC: Is there anything else you would like to share about the event?
Mr. Jhin
: I was just very proud of my entire team for their contribution to this special event and also my gratitude towards all of our vendors for being so supportive. I told our purchasing director Mr. Art Emm that we will always pick a new place where it will be better than the previous location and at the same, we will modify our Jinny Sales Meetings every year so that we will get the most benefit from our sales team learning from our vendors. I believe in life, success is the progress of learning and hitting your target goal and sharing your success with others is the ultimate way of living your life.


OTC: How would you describe the significance of the Jinny Sales Meeting for Jinny Sales and its vendor partners?
Art Emm: This meeting and the format we use provides a platform for our vendor partners and our sales team to collaborate on ways to strengthen our partnerships and grow our respective businesses.

OTC: How did the event facilitate networking opportunities and relationship-building with the vendors? Were there any specific moments or activities that you feel fostered stronger connections?
Art Emm
: Relationship building with our vendors is an important part of this event. Every year we have this event, we always make sure we have time and events that specifically networking and relationship building. Every reception, dinner, or activity are strategically designed to bring our sales team and our vendor partners closer together.

OTC: Could you tell us about any new products or developments shared by the vendors during the event that caught your attention?
Art Emm
: All the vendors in attendance came very well prepared with not only new products, but ideas and concepts that will help our companies and our industry grow. Some of the items we saw this weekend have not been officially released so I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but there is some fun stuff coming soon, and we look forward to being a part of bringing them to market.

OTC: Did any vendors demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity, sustainability, or social responsibility?
Art Emm
: Yes I believe most if not all our vendor partners feel strongly about this as does Jinny Beauty Supply.

OTC: Looking ahead, what are some of the major initiatives outlined for the remainder of 2023 as a result of the meetings and presentations with the vendor partners? How do these initiatives align with Jinny Sales’ long-term goals and vision?
Art Emm
: There were some exciting new products and innovation we saw this weekend from several. Our team left the meetings very excited and motivated for the second half of the year. The great thing about this meeting format is that we are able to align our goals with each vendor as they had time with each of our sales teams geographically and were able to work together to come up with the best possible strategy for each market. This year is going to be a tough year for all, as our economy continues to struggle, but we feel the results of this event will help Jinny Beauty Supply be the strongest in our industry by far.

OTC: Is there anything else you would like to share about the event?
Art Emm
: I want to thank all our vendor partners who participated for taking the time to be so very well prepared and for being so engaging and receptive during their meetings. I also want to thank the Jinny sales team for their positive attitude and passionate feedback and ideas they shared with the vendors that helped make this event such a success. I want to thank Sammie Cho who was so helpful to me coordinating this event and Sam Choi and Eddie Murawski for taking such great photos of the event and the activities. I look forward to next year’s event, which will again be in a different exciting location. We try to make the event even better and more exciting every year.


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