3 Beauty Trends That You Need to Know About For 2021

With 2020 officially behind us, we are ready to embark on a new year of beauty trends. Last year, the focus was on the skin-ification of haircare and the continued men’s grooming boom. There’s no doubt that those trends will live on in 2021, but there are more to consider as we plan our inventory purchases and store promotions.

Thanks to extended months of being on lockdown, the beauty industry shifted gears completely. Heavy contours and bold makeup may not be as much of a concern to shoppers as they once were. Even how shoppers do their hair and purchase their products has changed considerably since 2020.
Here are a few trends that will be important to OTC retailers:


Forget Instagram; TikTok is quickly becoming the social media platform to sell on. Fans may watch a video and feel inclined to shop. Their favorite YouTubers will still share details on their favorite products, but TikTok will have just as much influence on consumer buying patterns moving forward.

Earlier this summer, brands like SheaMoisture were heralded as the must-have curly girl products to have in your arsenal. The brand’s popular Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner are classic staples that should be in your beauty supply store!
keep the hair healthy and hydrated.

Solid Skincare

The pandemic of 2020 taught us the importance of having great skin, not just great makeup. Thanks to wearing masks or being under strict, stay-at-home orders, the idea of slathering on foundation feels a little pointless. Instead, shoppers are spending all of their energy on having great skincare. Better skincare equals less makeup.

There are tons of selling opportunities with this trend. Use an end-cap to display some of your newest skincare products. Items that cater to clearing skin of acne or scars will be on-demand. Products like the TAHA Organic Coconut Black Soap is just the all-natural skincare favorite to have on hand for your shoppers.
And since we’re wearing less makeup and sporting a face mask on most days, the focus point for many of your shoppers will be the eyes. Chances are, you’ll see an increased interest in eye makeup and adornments like faux lashes. We are in love with the Ardell Naked Lashes because they add just a bit of depth to the eye without looking like fake eyelashes. Perfect for a natural eye look, without too much fuss.

You can also spice up your brows with the Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint Kit that can easily be used at home, resulting in four weeks of rich, vibrant eyebrow color.

Clean and Transparent Beauty

In recent years, consumers have become more obsessed with buying into beauty brands that use clean ingredients. But now, we are taking things a step further. Shoppers want to know about the product packaging, whether or not a products’ formulas are sustainable and its impact on the environment. While this trend is being seen more in the mainstream beauty space, the concept of transparency was seen in 2020, with more companies supporting social justice causes like Black Lives Matter.

A brand’s view on the culture, its consumers, and the world will now be a determining factor for shoppers. Black-owned brands like Eden Bodyworks will continue to be popular sellers moving into 2021. We are especially fond of their Coconut Shea Hair Oil and Peppermint Tea Tree Temple Balm to keep our hair healthy and growing, especially while we’re on lockdown and not styling our tresses.

There’s no doubt that there are tons of trends that will impact how your customers shop at your stores. But, by staying knowledgeable and providing your customers what they need, 2021 will be a prosperous year for your beauty supply store.

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