Accessory Marketing Q&A

Expert insight from Fromm International on how to better sell accessories to customers 

OTC Beauty Magazine was fortunate to speak with Amanda Saintil of Fromm International to learn a few tips on how to best market accessories to customers in your beauty supply store. Read on to see what we discovered.


How often should stores switch up their item selection?

“The change of seasons is the optimal time to review and update your assortment. Women often lighten their hair color for summer and look for a fresh cut in the fall. Take advantage of these habits by offering new, trend-based accessories to accentuate an updated look.”


Where in the store is it ideal to place hair accessories for sale?

“Trend-based hair accessories are often an impulse purchase—these are ideal to put at the front of the store or at the register. Since hair accessories are a relatively low price point, they are perfect add-on items to increase the overall ticket. Fashion-forward women love to discover the next new and exciting beauty find and then share it with their friends!”


What seasons are “high times” for accessory sales and how can store owners act on it (i.e. holidays, back to school, etc.)? These times can call for specific needs.

“During certain times of the year, customers will come into the store for specific needs. Prom season pulls in a younger demographic who will be very trend savvy. You can expect they have spent hours on Instagram and other social outlets to get inspiration for their looks. Browsing competitors and big-box stores as well as celebrity trends is a must to understanding this audience.

Back to school isn’t just for kids—the fall usually means the whole household is getting back to a more regimented routine, making it an optimal time to promote basics. This is the perfect time of year to offer special pricing or ‘stock up’ sales on staples like ponytails and headbands.

Whether it’s getting together with friends and family or attending the company holiday party, women want to step up their everyday look with something special around the holidays—sparkle and bling required! At the same time, shoppers are keeping their eyes open for gifts. This is a great time of year to offer exclusive statement pieces that are more likely to fetch a higher price.”


How can store owners enhance the shopping experience when customers are looking to purchase accessories? (Should they be able to try them on, should some be placed as Point of Purchase items at the counter for impulse purchases, etc.?)

“Hair accessory shopping is a hands-on experience—items should be easily accessible and in an area where shoppers can linger. These decisions take time! Another excellent way to encourage sales is to offer simple tutorials or specific styles shoppers can achieve at home, and then direct them to the products to do so.”



Amanda Saintil is the Brand Manager for Fromm International.

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