Alba Botanica® Do Good, Do Beautiful Grant Program Announces Winners

The Alba Botanica® brand proudly embodies its mission to “Do Beautiful,” with their Do Good, Do Beautiful campaign. Founded in 2017, the campaign represents pillars the Alba Botanica® brand stands for:  female empowerment, environmental sustainability, animal rights and rescue as well as empowering fearless females who take the reins, create legacies, and are unafraid to start a revolution. By using only botanical-based, natural and 100% vegetarian ingredients, Alba Botanica® brand consistently “does beautiful” by reducing its environmental footprint whenever possible. Determined to continue “doing good,” the brand has now introduced the Do Good, Do Beautiful Grant, which was set in place to further empower, encourage and inspire fearless females.

The Do Good, Do Beautiful campaign launched through a series of videos that journeyed through the lives of five remarkable women. The women featured were dedicated and determined to empower those around them by creating positive change in the world. Each woman delves into her story, showcasing how she impacted the world around her and how her values help Alba Botanica® communicate the brand message in a unique, impactful way.

Being a brand that strives to support female leaders, Alba Botanica® brand implemented the Do Good, Do Beautiful Grant Program. The Grant Program was designed to empower two female-led non-profit organizations that embody the brand’s long-standing mission to “Do Good” and support them with a donation to create, expand, or sustain a project in their non-profit organization. The inaugural panelists listed below reviewed over 250 heartfelt and powerful entries, which made their decision to award the grants even more challenging.


  • Hilarey Benda: An animal lover through and through, Hilarey easily has one of the best jobs in the world—Founder and President of Beople’s Buddies, a non-profit with the mission to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned cats and dogs.  Hilarey works tirelessly to ensure every animal receives all the love and snuggles it deserves.
  • Lauren Galley: A modern-day superwoman and fearless female, Lauren eats, breathes and sleeps girl power. At just 22 years old, she’s an award-winning mentor, author, and founder of Girls Above Society, a non-profit dedicated to empowering tween and teen girls to feel confident and positive as they face pressures from today’s media-driven society.
  • Marguerite Nesteruk: Marguerite is a part-time urban farmer, school garden-to-table teacher, and botanist residing in Los Angeles. This former fashionista now spends her days with kindergarteners to 5th graders, teaching them hands-on lessons in their school’s garden.
  • Ying Chu: Ying is the Executive Beauty Director at Glamour, where she oversees all aspects of the editorial process for the publication’s beauty content. Ying also contributes her expertise to notable media outlets such as The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Today Show, and Good Morning America.

The award-winning female-led organizations were Emilee Spear of Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary and Kat Welton of The Barn for Equine Learning, each beneficiaries of $15,000. Emilee and Kat can now create, expand, or sustain projects at their organizations with these grant funds. “I think the Do Good, Do Beautiful Grant Program is an excellent program to help girls find their voices at a very important time. Times are changing, and to have a grant program recognizing women for working hard and doing good will motivate so many more women to step out of their comfort zones and do something meaningful and impactful with their lives,” said Emilee Spear of Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary. “I want to thank Alba Botanica® and the Do Good, Do Beautiful Grant Program,” said Kat Welton. The Barn for Equine Learning is honored to be a part of such an amazing group of women and thrilled to have been selected as a winner. The Barn had a great need, selecting a volunteer coordinator, and the brand’s grant program filled this need. Alba Botanica® brand is supporting fearless females in the world and because of the brand’s support our Barn will grow in a big way,” said Kat Welton. Emilee and Kat are a true inspiration to women everywhere and Alba Botanica® brand hopes the grant program will help them continue following their dreams.

“Alba Botanica® brand DNA has always been rooted in this idea of doing beautiful – for the environment, for animals, and most importantly, by helping women Do Beautiful for themselves and each other,” said Sarah Galusha, Senior Director of Marketing for the Alba Botanica® brand.  “We’re so inspired by women like Emilee and Kat who chose careers that have them doing beautiful every day.  It makes us proud that we can contribute in our own small way to helping other women live their values by choosing products that are better for them and the world around them.” Join us in celebrating these women as we watch the campaign launch in March 2018. To learn more about the Alba Botanica® brand, visit us at: and connect with us on social at:


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