All in the Details

It is no secret that often times the distinguishing touch that can take something from “alright” to “extraordinary” is in the little details. Whether in decorating on a cake, adding a decorative hair accessory to a breathtaking style, or in our case this month—taking steps to ensure overall skin and nail health when polishing them—the efforts taken to add a little extra “oomph” to anything is definitely noticed.








Pamper with Pedi

Break out your flip flops and open toed shoes with confidence, thanks to Gena’s Pedi Care with Peppermint Oil Sloughing Lotion. Remove rough, dry surface cells with this non-abrasive exfoliant that leaves consumers with nothing but smooth, soft skin. In addition to feet, it can also be used on legs, elbows, knees or hands.






Dry Anywhere

Gel and UV-based nail polishes have proven themselves to be strong competitors in the nail game, allowing users to enjoy a single manicure for weeks. Your customers who relish in this luxury can now cure their polish anywhere with the Diane Portable UV Nail Dryer. It is lightweight and compact and features a fan plus UV light for fast drying while providing antibacterial properties.








Keep it Clean

Proper sanitization is vital, no matter if your customers use nail tools on members of a single household, or on multiple patrons in a nail salon. King Research’s Barbicide Midsize Jar is perfect for disinfecting manicure tools, and features a total immersion stainless steel self-draining basket. The non-slip rubber ring base is also extremely useful when grabbing tools out in a hurry.








Moisture to the Max

Soft, smooth and more youthful looking skin is not just for faces anymore. Customers can use products like the Age Renewal Vitamin E Crème by Jāsön® to replenish lost moisture to skin while restoring elasticity and resilience. Why not treat your hands and feet with this botanically-rich daily skin crème?







Damage Control

Everyone wants pretty nails, but sometimes damage happens. Now your customers can instantly repair split, chipped and broken nails with ease thanks to the Brush-On Nail Repair from Daggett & Ramsdell. It seals instantly and offers a no-mess nail repair they can use at home, office or while traveling. This clear formula will not interfere with nail polish color.








Add Accents

It’s OK to be flashy when it comes to nails. The supercharged shades of the fluorescent neon acrylic powders of SuperNail’s Bright Accents 6 Piece Kit allow users to light up any room. Use these powders to create fun, funky and electrifying nail designs. The possibilities are endless!








Not JUST for Hair

Vitamin E really is an oil that does it all. Specifically, the Paraben Free Vitamin E Oil from OKAY is a great moisturizer that adds glow and life to dull, damaged skin and thwarts stretch marks. It also prevents split ends and repairs damaged dry hair. It may not say so on the label, but we are willing to bet it works wonders on cuticles too.








Clippers for All

Regular nail trimming is a must! Flaunting a handy chain, the Fingernail Clipper from Brittny boasts professional salon quality. Packaged in a jar holding 72 pieces, you will always be stocked with this essential nail tool.








Dry it Up

Let’s be honest, nobody likes smudgy and accidentally imprinted nails. That’s why if there is one thing nail fashionistas want, it is for their polish to dry quicker. DeMert has heard this cry and answered with their Nail Enamel Dryer Manicurist’s Finishing Spray. Simply spray on and say goodbye to smears and long drying times. This product also conditions cuticles and nails.







Neon Tips and Toes

What time is better to flaunt neon nails than summertime? We think there is none! The colorful hues of the J Nail Lacquer Neon Collection are fun, eye-catching and match every mood. What are you waiting for? Go have fun with color!








Adjust the Aroma

Have you ever noticed how overpowering the smell of nail polish and remover can be when painting your finger or toenails? Maybe it is unavoidable and all you can do is open a window, but perhaps there is another solution: give Gonesh Sticks Incense a try. Shown here in Gardenia, customers can use it to infuse the atmosphere with a fragrant smell that isn’t polish or remover.








Spa Day for Feet

A foot spa that stays heated, massages feet, produces pampering bubbles and has an aromatherapy option…what more can relaxation-needy feet want? The Ultimate Foot Bath from Hot Spa by Helen of Troy is perfect for salon, spa and home use, making it the must-have for all of your customers. Added benefits include ozone (activated oxygen) that helps to control, reduce and eliminate bacteria, and the Pedicenter has three interchangeable massage attachments (pumice stone, acupressure and acunodes components).

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