LONDON (October 2018) This month, Andis Company joined over 400 brands to showcase a variety of products, equipment, services and training for hairdressing professionals around the globe at Salon International in London, United Kingdom.

As part of the weekend’s events, Andis sponsored two stage presentations on Saturday and two competitions on Sunday: HJ Men’s Afro Barber of the Year won by Emmitt Williams and HJ Men’s Barber of the Year won by Harry Rushton. A few of the brand’s international educators from Europe, India and Israel also took the Andis stage to offer live coaching and training sessions to showcase how to achieve the top trends and styles. The brand continues to share their commitment to developing the educational tools needed to jumpstart a career in the barbering industry through a variety of initiatives such as online programming, training events and live demos.

“We couldn’t be more excited to continue building and adding incredible talent to our education team at a national and global level,” said Jessica Zeinstra, Global Education Director at Andis Company. “We look forward to expanding and solidifying our capabilities in Europe and beyond by sharing our expertise with top notch talent across 19 countries and counting.”

Andisonline educational program, Master Barber School, is dedicated to inspiring and teaching professional hairstylists through how-to videos, step-by-step guides, expert voices and engaging classes by professionals. Most recently, the brand launched its third edition to the clipper cutting series, Clipper Cutting 301: A Guide for Cutting Highly-Textured Hair, as one of many free resources available to enhance one’s career as a hair professional.

For more information on Master Barber School and to view educational resources, please visit or


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