Back-To-School Marketing Made Easy

In the past few years there has been an increased awareness of the unique hair needs of children with waves, kinks, coils and curls. The demand for specialized products has increased and creating a memorable shopping experience for parents and their children can increase sales and foster customer loyalty. Here are some marketing tips to keep in mind this back-to-school season:

Easy Visibility: Make sure that it’s easy for parents to locate the natural and organic products, gentle and tear-free formulations, curl definition and moisture retention products, and sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Promote Back-to-School Specials: Create vibrant signage in your display window advertising your discounts, special promotions or bundles. Create a back-to-school section in the front of the store where parents can easily see what you have available.

Stock Up on Popular Items: Make sure you have a full stock available of things that you know sell the most during this time. Things like headbands, scrunchies, hair brushes, detangling sprays, barrets, and daily conditioning products are good to have near the front of the store.

Offer Hair Styling Demonstrations: Partner with a local hair stylist and barber and set up a series of workshops that offer easy to do hair styles and tips for back-to-school.

Collaborate with Local Schools: Consider partnering with local high schools to offer discounted rates and flyers that you can leave with the guidance counselor or put on their bulletin with their permission.

Utilize Social Media: Make sure you leverage Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter to show your deals, sweepstakes, and to increase brand awareness.

Email Marketing & Blog Posts: Your blog is a great place to feature articles on the benefits of the products you offer as well as hair care and styling tips. You can send out a back-to-school themed newsletter with new product announcements that also prompts your customers to click on your blog posts and visit your website. Then, in each blog post, make sure you have a link with a discount that is visible at the top of the article. Remember, personalizing the newsletter as much as you can will make customers feel valued.

Stay Updated on Trends: Stay up to date by reading parenting blogs or looking at trends on Youtube to see the latest hair and beauty trends for back-to-school. This will help you know what types of products and hair accessories to make the most visible.

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