Be Bold With Color

Hair color adds a new dimension of personality to your customers’ appearance, inciting individuality and an empowered look. What better time to spice it up than summer? We all spend less time indoors and more time out and about, so hair color is a wonderful element to change up how customers feel and look.

Many people are looking to let go of conventional hair colors and branch out in the hotter spectrum—this means brighter, bolder colors. There’s a movement toward accent pieces as well as a full root-to-tip color, but each year the season always brings about new trends and styles.

Bright colors are here to stay, made famous by celebrities and fashion icons from all over the globe. Bold colors are fantastic statements to make your customers stand out and look their very best. For those unsure of whether they want to fully commit to a color, consider a semi-permanent color, like the Via Natural® Living Colors™ Jewel Collection. These hair colors are available in a large variety of shades to satisfy curiosity and allow for experimentation with different looks on a budget, while staying away from the commitment of a permanent color.

There has been a rise in popularity for ‘mermaid’ hair, a look consisting of alternating strands of colors which create a rainbow look and incorporates a multitude of dyes; this prompts customers to go out and buy more than one color to mix or add on. In conjunction with this style, pastels are popular in particular for those not looking to commit to a full deposit of color. Lavender, rose and seafoam are just some of the gorgeous colors that can be obtained creatively.

Opal hair is on the rise this season, meant to mimic the iridescent gemstone, which incorporates strands of hair transitioning through a gradient of color throughout. Rose gold hair is also rising in popularity, which is a play on the colored metal that appears as a light pink color with copper and silver tones. When these colors catch sunlight they are more pronounced and dynamic, making for a brighter and more interesting style.

While adding color and lifting to get the desired shade is routine, your customers should know the facts on color hair care. Using color-safe shampoo and heat protectants for styling are staples in maintaining a fresh color, and it’s a great idea to keep these products close to the dyes in store. This can help make sure each customer is satisfied when they leave with their purchased products and continue to come back as loyal customers.

Happy coloring!

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