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Paige Wallace, Owner of No Waist Allowed Shapewear

Maintaining one’s figure is important, but when diet and exercise aren’t enough, Paige Wallace created something that helps the body achieve a curvier silhouette. The former wig stylist delved into the world of shapewear two years ago and has already made a name for her brand.

Paige Wallace
Paige Wallace

OTC: What sparked your interest in the shapewear niche? 

WALLACE: Having cosmetic surgery and not being happy with my results. I became a daily user of my own products first, and when I saw results, I thought it was something good to sell that other women love, as well. 

OTC: This particular niche is already crowded, but how does your business stand out from the rest? 

WALLACE: I started with shapewear, not so much waist trainers. So at the time, the business wasn’t saturated at all. I stood out because I was one of the few that sold undergarments. 

OTC: What is your most popular product? 

WALLACE: My Adjust Your Waist Wrap and my Side Zipper Everyday Wear (Super Control)

OTC: What are some misconceptions surrounding the merchandise you offer? 

WALLACE: The biggest misconception is that it’s only for women who have had surgery. 

OTC: What’s up next for your company?

WALLACE: I honestly don’t know. I’m following God, so when He tells me, I’ll know. 

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