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Kei Curry, Pretty Girls Get Waxed

Sometimes the best way to break into the industry is to innovate the service or product already in demand. Kei Curry, the owner of Pretty Girls Get Waxed in Atlanta, Georgia, did just that when she embarked on her waxing business. By formulating her own hard wax and rendering excellent service, her business has grown exponentially in the two years it’s been in business. This go-getter shares how she transitioned into the waxing industry.

Kei Curry, courtesy of
Kei Curry, courtesy of

OTC: What line of work did you come from before opening this business? 

KEI CURRY: I worked for a different waxing center before starting PGGW. I’ve been in the Esthetics industry for 10 years.

OTC: How did your previous line of work help you build your business? 

CURRY: My previous job prepared me for my current position. Every day, I realize something different it prepared me for. I learned and perfected my craft while I was in my previous position. I was able to learn as much as possible under someone else’s leadership and vision. That fueled my own. I knew the technical part of the job very well, and I thought I knew the operational part, as well. Like many employees, I thought I knew how to run the whole operation better than my current leadership. Trial and error is the best teacher, and I’ve learned that now that I’m in the position that I’m in. I’m able to view my business from a bird’s eye view and make the best decisions based on all the facts. I’ve been on both sides of the business, so I understand everyone’s point of view, and I’m more prepared to handle it because of that. 

OTC: What sparked your interest in waxing?

CURRY: I got into waxing because I knew it was a better way for Black women to remove unwanted hair. It would help us with skin issues like hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, and breakouts. There was a gap in the waxing industry with minority women, and I’m filling that gap. 

OTC: You created your own hard wax; what was that formulation process like for you, and how does your innovation serve your clients?

CURRY: The formulation process for creating my hard wax was rigorous. I wanted to quit trying a lot during the process. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing; I just knew what I wanted. People take advantage of your lack of knowledge. I was determined, so I just kept trying, and every time something went wrong, I learned another lesson, but I kept trying and eventually got it right. My Signature Hard Wax is the best hard wax on the market for Black women. It’s formulated for sensitive skin and coarse hair. It’s designed to grab the hair and not the skin, so it’s less painful than other waxes on the market.

OTC: What are some misconceptions surrounding the services you offer?

CURRY: Pain. Everyone thinks waxing is a very painful experience, and it’s the opposite at Pretty Girls Get Waxed. My waxing technique and my Signature Wax make the experience Painless!

OTC: How does your business stand out from other waxing companies in the Atlanta market?

CURRY: Pretty Girls Get Waxed is new to the Atlanta market. My technique and my wax are what separate us from any other business like ours. We may provide the same service, but I guarantee we don’t provide it the same way. PGGW makes waxing fun and painless. I don’t know anyone else doing that. 

OTC: What’s up next for your company?

CURRY: Taking over Atlanta is on my to-do list. Scaling the Memphis location and finalizing location No. 3; also, rebranding our skincare line. 

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