Jesseca Dupart, a New Orleans native, has redefined what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. As the founder of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, owner of the non-profit KaleidoKares, beauty mogul and influencer, and the star and executive producer of the WETV show “Brat Loves Judy,” Jesseca has built a beauty empire. Despite facing numerous challenges, Jesseca’s determination and innovative spirit have driven her to success. In this interview, she shares her pivotal moments, the importance of community, and the driving forces behind her multi-faceted career.

OTC: Your transition from a successful stylist to a full-time entrepreneur is remarkable. Can you share the pivotal moment that led you to start Kaleidoscope?
My pivotal moment was when my long-time client cheated on me. She’d been with me a long time, and I’d worked to grow her hair long and full. She went and got a ponytail—wound up with a bald spot, a circular sore, which started me on this unique journey.

OTC: Your journey to success is filled with resilience and determination. Could you elaborate on how you overcame the challenges of losing your salon in a fire and what drove you to rebuild and innovate even stronger than before?
When the fire happened, New Orleans came together, a neighbor hosted a fundraiser to help Kaleidoscope rebuild. So, seeing how the community worked to support and help me gave me the determination to come back stronger. The hair community came out strong donating hair products, tools, equipment. It was a beautiful moment.

OTC: The story behind your viral campaign is so unique. Can you walk us through how this unconventional marketing approach propelled your brand’s visibility and growth?
Hair Police, that campaign became our informational. People were educated and entertained. At the time, Instagram only allowed 15-second videos, so it became a series with super high engagement. The Kaleidoscope community participated; it grew. Once it grew to where I had a budget, I could get influencers to make appearances. People were really into it. It was funny.

OTC: Your social media presence has been instrumental in amplifying your brand’s message. How do you leverage platforms like Instagram to connect with your audience and drive engagement?
When it came to building my social media, it was always about being very authentic. Full face or no face, business and family, good days or bad: my community sees it all.

OTC: What inspired you to establish KaleidoKares, and how has your non-profit organization impacted your community?
KaleidoKares was established because I have a big heart. I give away a lot. It got to the point where I was having to pay taxes on the giving. I didn’t want to pay taxes on the giving. I wanted the entire gift to go to the cause.

OTC: What sets Kaleidoscope Hair Products apart from other brands?
I feel like we redefine beauty, we embrace everyone, all textures, all walks of life, we represent standing for all people and not just a set of people.

OTC: Your product line includes a variety of hair care solutions, with some standout best-sellers. Can you tell us more about one of your top-performing products and what sets it apart from others in the market?
Cranberry Deep Conditioner, from the SoulFed Collection, the entire collection is themed around soul food. In the same way soul food makes you thick, SoulFed makes your hair thick. Our Cranberry Deep Conditioner gives moisture and softens the hair; it gives good results. It’s a great formula. The longer you leave the conditioner on, the better your hair will feel.

OTC: As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, you’ve ventured into various fields, such as real estate investment, mentoring, and television production. How do these diverse pursuits complement your role as the founder of Kaleidoscope?
Multi-faceted is who I am. The different ways I show up are me just being my authentic self, I have different layers.

OTC: In what ways do you see Kaleidoscope Hair Products evolving in the future, both in terms of product offerings and community initiatives?
As far as community initiatives, every year, I do stuff from the heart. I really don’t have a strategy behind it. We make sure to show up every year multiple times in the communities we need to, in the form and fashion we need to.

OTC: What advice would you offer beauty supply retailers carrying Kaleidoscope Hair Products regarding product placement, or creating an optimal customer experience in-store?
Keep the brand in a block. People like to buy Kaleidoscope in a set. We market our products together, and they should be displayed together.

OTC: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
Whatever the vision is, go for it. It doesn’t matter who doesn’t support you.

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