Beauty of Business Community


Manufacturers and OTCs often tap into the beauty of supporting entrepreneurship. Throughout the beauty business, small startups have been honored and encouraged. Individuals with innovation and technology have also been supported. Remember, the legends of the beauty business were once budding entrepreneurs and innovators…the McBrides, Bronners, Johnsons and Gardners. Madame C. J. Walker started the beauty industry and is still promoted as the first African American millionaire. Her success and philanthropy are still big news. A scholarship in her honor would be good press as well as goodwill.

When it comes to charity there is no better way to give back to the community than to support local business. Larger manufacturers often promote their procurement programs among certified minority and women-owned businesses. They often award scholarships and support training and internship opportunities. Most get a double beauty benefit of featuring successful employees or vendors in their ads and community events.

OTCs can promote burgeoning entrepreneurship by featuring their support of the many small business product launches. Success stories can be published with store merchandising aids or in the local press. Contributing to future salon and barber business, owners or schools can create a cause-related marketing buzz. Entrepreneurial contests, book camps or business collaborations can become charitable connections to your store’s image and concern for economic development. A charitable nod to entrepreneurism could reinforce the commitment to consumers, the beauty business and the community served. Every dollar invested will be returned in consumer spending and profitability.

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